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Senior Citizen Moving Service In Venice, CA
As we have said over and over again, a relocation can be a stressful process, but it is especially so for older adults, specifically those who can be called senior. They have lived in their home for many years, and they have memories lingered in the place. But circumstances may force a senior move away from their old home and to a new location. A top quality professional does not only do a move physically but support and help them emotionally as well. Even small talks during a move (that is if the mover is doing their job right) can help them. Of course, we make sure we do not damage any of their belongings and deliver them safely to the new address. That’s why we are known as one of the best senior mover in Venice, CA.

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It’s our motto to help all our clients make their move a happy experience, not a stressful one. That goes the same for older adults as well. Naturally, when we help with an old adult with their relocation with our senior citizen moving service, our experience mover does their job well by assisting them with their relocation physically and emotionally.

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It’s because we have been doing the job for so long we know how they feel. We don’t console them, but we encourage them to live well in their new place. Guess what, even with what little ability we have helped many seniors smile even after their relocation, and we are glad to be of help.

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Many movers really don’t think about complicated and psychological things like caring about their client’s emotions or how they feel. Only the best of the best care about their customers, especially if they are seniors while doing their job right. And obviously, many low-end and scam companies think it’s easier to deceive old people, which is something we hate from the core of our beings. So, we established ourselves and help older people with their move and make sure they don’t feel troubled at all while they are relocating.

Have you or your parent decided to downsize and move into a smaller home or retirement community and not sure how to start the downsizing and moving process or where to find help? Life brings its challenges, and we are here to help you. Stella Moving & Delivery is different from a typical senior moving company.

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We perform the same functions of packing and unpacking but we take things up a notch. We act as your advocate and personal assistant providing you one on one support with a caring, compassionate staff creating a seamless transition. Stella Moving & Delivery is the ideal choice for an affordable, stress-free senior move. We can ensure everything is packed and moved on time, to plan, whether you’re moving near or far.

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Stella Moving & Delivery is a fully licensed and insured, and we’re also a certified Professional Mover with the American Moving & Storage Association. So give us a call today at (619) 319-1402 to speak with one of our courteous staff members, and get your move underway.