Meeting Your Freight and Logistics Needs

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we have over 6 years of experience helping families and businesses move their belongings from one location to another. Many of our clients hire us for local moves in the greater Southern California. However, we also work with customers who are moving their families outside the state and even outside the country.

Our work in the moving industry has taught us many lessons about the logistics of transportation. We are experts at transferring personal items from point A to point B. We are now ready to enter a new phase of our business by offering professional freight services.

Local Moving and Freight Needs

Businesses do not always need to move products across the country. Some local businesses may supply parts that are essential to a nearby company’s products. They may only be moving materials across town, but they need a reliable carrier to make the move possible. Stella Moving & Delivery is the local freight carrier that can accomplish the task.

Warehouse Logistics

You can only store so many finished products or materials on site. If you use a local warehousing solution, we can bring your items to or from your site. Having carried out hundreds of residential moves, our team members are experts at efficiently loading and unloading cargo of different sizes and shapes. Even if you only have a single large item to move, we will get it where it needs to be.

Reserve Fleet Services

During busy portions of the year, you may discover that your current fleet of trucks is insufficient for your logistical needs. Our crew can be a third-party logistics solution that will boost your business. Our staff members are always courteous and professional. Your clients will appreciate the enhanced service that our team brings to your organization.

Small and Medium-Sized Business Shipping

Some businesses use freight carriers every day. Many large corporations have an in-house fleet of trucks. However, smaller organizations may only have an occasional need for commercial shipping. You may discover that it is impractical to move your display materials to the next out-of-state conference. There may be a larger order that exceeds your current shipping abilities. Stella Moving & Delivery has the equipment and staff that will meet your needs.

TL Shipments

A full truckload shipment is one of the easiest shipments to organize. Since you are using an entire truck, your products will move directly from your location to the endpoint. We determine your costs based on the weight of the cargo, the distance traveled, and the value of the items in the shipment. If your products have special travel requirements, the extra preparation will add to the overall costs.

Shipping a full truckload with us means fast, reliable delivery. You can also rest assured of a consistent chain of custody. In most cases, the crew that helps load the truck will be the same crew that is responsible for the shipment at the end.

LTL and Partial Shipments

Shipments that are less than a full truckload may require a few more logistical steps. When possible, we like to combine shipments so that our trucks leave with a full load. Combining loads is less expensive and environmentally responsible. However, this practice means that there can be a delay from when we pick up your shipment to the time it hits the road. In a pinch, we can arrange for a partial shipment to travel alone, but it will increase your price.

For the best value, we work with freight brokers to find an appropriate load. These services match shippers that have partial and LTL shipments with carriers who are trying to fill a truck. Modern technology has made this process efficient. Every aspect of the freight industry is based on the importance of fast deliveries. We will do everything possible to deliver your order on time.

Building Materials

Depending on your supplier, you may need someone to bring construction materials to your work site. Our team can handle local pickup and delivery. We will make certain you have the supplies you need to keep your project on schedule. We can also deliver extra items back to your warehouse to clear space for new materials.

Material Shipping

Some larger companies have more than one facility. In the manufacturing sector, parts built in one facility may be necessary to complete a product in another factory. When the parts are not there on time, it can stall the whole production process. Our team can come to the rescue if there is ever a problem with your logistics solution. When the truck that normally ferries your materials is out of service, we are happy to fill in so that your business can operate smoothly.

Product Shipping

Whether they are traveling to a warehouse or a retail outlet, your products need to be on the move. We are ready to help you whether it is a one-time trip or a regular shipping arrangement. You can count on us for reliable service that enhances your reputation.

Interstate and International Logistics

Every state and country has different regulations concerning transport. Part of our task is knowing and following the requirements that will bring your shipment safely to its destination. Ignoring state rules can lead to delayed shipments and fines.

Temporary Storage

If your shipment is traveling a long distance, we may need to make some special arrangements before heading out. As part of our commitment to customer service, we will safely store your load at our warehouse facility. Our company is fully licensed and insured. You can trust that we will protect your items while they wait.

Interstate Freight Requirements

Transporting freight across state lines involves both federal and state requirements. Depending on the type of shipment, there may be extra paperwork. The freight may be subject to additional cargo insurance coverage. We will work with you to properly document the shipment. With our help, your items will meet all the requirements for an uninterrupted passage.

International Shipping

Sending freight to another country brings another layer of complication. Our experience in helping clients make international moves will come in handy in this instance. We partner with international brokers and freight carriers to provide a seamless route for your cargo.

Customer-Centered Freight Services

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we work hard to maintain a high level of customer service. When you entrust your shipment with a freight carrier, you want to know that it will make the trip without incident.

Our shipping staff is experienced and vetted. We know our people are committed to shipment safety and customer care. Throughout your product’s journey, it will be in safe hands.

We maintain clear communication with our clients. If you are entrusting us with a partial truckload, our staff will let you know the approximate shipping date and give you updates along the way. A cross-country trip is unpredictable, and there can be unavoidable delays caused by weather conditions. We will always keep you in the loop. Most importantly, you will know it as soon as your shipment arrives at its final destination.

Your Professional Freight and Logistics Partner in San Diego

On paper, freight and logistics seem simple. All you must do is move items from point A to point B. However, the reality is that the shipping business is a complex web of constant motion. At Stella Moving & Delivery, we are ready to help you navigate the complexity with our commitment to reliable service. If you are looking for a freight carrier for a single shipment or a regular run, contact us today.