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Moving is never fun. From the packing to the heavy lifting, it’s a big project that’s tough to handle on your own. When you need to enlist the help of local movers, headquartered in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas, you’ll want to find an experienced and well-equipped company to handle your move. When searching for moving companies near you, look no further than Stella Moving & Delivery. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services.


















Experience is indeed a critical factor when selecting a moving company in San Diego. With Stella Moving & Delivery, you’re choosing a team with a decade of expertise in the moving industry, ensuring that your move is handled professionally and efficiently.

By opting for Stella Moving & Delivery, you’re assured of:

  • Customer-focused service
  • Fast and efficient moving services
  • Competitive pricing

Our longstanding presence in the industry, spanning over 6 years, has equipped us with the knowledge and skills to manage moves of all sizes and complexities across San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside County, Imperial County, CA, and surrounding areas.

For a trusted moving partner who understands the intricacies of a successful move, consider Stella Moving & Delivery. Contact us today for a free estimate on our top-tier, yet affordable, moving services.



Stella Moving & Delivery consists of a dedicated and close-knit team, focused on creating lasting relationships and trust with our customers. Our skilled local movers are equipped to manage moves of any size, both within and outside San Diego.

We take on all the heavy lifting for your residential or commercial move, aiming to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. When you choose Stella Moving & Delivery, you can look forward to a move that’s handled with care and professionalism, without the need for you to worry about the physical strain.

We’re eager to show you the quality of our moving services and are confident that we’ll provide you with an exceptional local moving experience. Our team is trained to handle your belongings with the utmost care, using the latest moving equipment and techniques to ensure your items are transported safely and securely.

We pride ourselves on offering:

  • Award-winning service that has earned us a strong reputation.
  • A customer-first approach, ensuring your satisfaction at every step.
  • A reliable, efficient, and careful moving process.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing, with no hidden costs and complimentary professional furniture protection.

Contact Stella Moving & Delivery today to schedule your moving services in San Diego, CA, and experience a move that puts your needs and satisfaction at the forefront.

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We take care of your belongings in preparation for a move. Whether it's shrink wrap, additional packing and materials, equipment, or protecting entry ways and sensitive areas such as railings and walls.
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Whether moving down the street, or across the country, Stella Moving & Delivery is specialized to save you money, and ensure the absolute best quality moving company experience in the area.


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Moving Services in San Diego

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If you’re seeking a seamless and hassle-free relocation experience within the San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside County, or Imperial County regions, look no further than Stella Moving & Delivery. Our team is equipped to handle moves of any scale, whether it’s from a small apartment, a spacious home, a bustling industrial park, or a commercial complex. Our comprehensive services include meticulous packing and reliable hauling of your belongings.

At Stella Moving & Delivery, our forte lies in executing flawless local relocations. Whether you’re an individual homeowner or a business entity, we provide the essential support and resources for your move. Our suite of services encompasses everything from providing manpower and vehicles to transporting specialized items like pianos and office equipment. Our commitment is to serve our local community with unparalleled dedication.

Our ethos is centered around understanding and fulfilling our customers’ unique needs. We recognize the stress and intricacies involved in moving, and our mission is to alleviate these burdens for our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering exemplary service at every stage of the move, from planning to execution. Our team comprises only the most skilled and dedicated professionals, ensuring that every interaction with us is marked by efficiency, professionalism, and respect, making us a trusted name in the San Diego moving industry.

Residential Home Moving Specialists

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Embarking on a move from your current residence presents a substantial challenge: ensuring all your belongings are securely packed and transported to your new abode. This process involves not only deciding which items to keep or discard but also strategizing the placement of your furniture in the new setting and managing the logistics of moving your essentials. While the decision to hold onto an extra kitchen appliance is yours, we excel in shouldering the load of packing and moving.

Choosing Stella Moving & Delivery means opting for excellence and skill in moving services. Our team is rigorously trained, preparing them thoroughly before they handle their first assignment. This training guarantees your peace of mind, knowing your possessions are in capable and respectful hands. Our fleet of moving trucks is always at the ready, equipped with superior packing supplies to safeguard your items, regardless of the journey’s length. Furthermore, we come equipped with specialized tools to ensure your new residence remains pristine, free from scratches or damage.

Our commitment to high-quality packing materials and transport methods, coupled with our meticulous approach to service, ensures the safe transit of your belongings. With Stella Moving & Delivery, you can relax, knowing your items will reach their destination securely, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home stress-free.

For those in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside County, or Imperial County planning a move, reach out to us. Experience a smooth transition to your new home, where you can enjoy the new space with ease and minimal exertion.

Nearby Local Movers in San Diego

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Stella Moving & Delivery prides itself on being an integral part of the community in San Diego and extending its services to Los Angeles, Riverside County, and Imperial County in California. Our commitment is to facilitate the moving process for every individual, family, or business within our great state, ensuring a smooth transition to their desired destinations. We understand the significance of home and community, which is why we strive daily to simplify relocation for our neighbors, helping them settle into their dream spaces without the stress and hassle typically associated with moving.

For the students at the numerous esteemed colleges and universities in our region, we offer specialized services to ease the process of moving apartments or transitioning between dorm rooms. Our team can handle all your packing needs, from securing your delicate mugs to safeguarding your cherished keepsakes.

For the professionals advancing in their careers or individuals embarking on new life chapters, such as moving in with a partner or transitioning to a family-friendly home in the suburbs, Stella Moving & Delivery is your trusted ally. We understand the nuances of each move, whether it involves navigating tight staircases with bulky furniture or ensuring the safe transport of your belongings across town.

Our services are designed to cater to a variety of moving scenarios, offering peace of mind and efficiency. Whether you’re a college student, a rising executive, or someone stepping into a new phase of life, our team is equipped to provide exceptional service and care for your possessions. Trust in our reputation for quality and allow us to make your next move the easiest one yet.

Expert Commercial Relocation Services

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Moving a business is a complex endeavor that demands meticulous planning and execution to avoid disruption and maintain operational continuity. As a business owner or manager, your primary focus should be on steering your company forward, even amidst a relocation. Engaging with a professional and organized moving service like Stella Moving & Delivery can significantly reduce the stress associated with moving, allowing you to concentrate on managing your business and maintaining the high-quality service your clients expect.

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we are committed to simplifying the relocation process for our commercial clients. Our “White Glove” service is designed to offer an exceptional moving experience, one that minimizes hassle and maximizes ease, akin to the treatment expected by VIPs. This premium service includes:

  • Continuous communication to keep you updated on every step of the move, ensuring you are always informed and can reach out with any inquiries or concerns.
  • Expert and polite service from our team of well-trained, vetted professionals, eschewing the use of external contractors to maintain our high standards.
  • Meticulous and secure packing techniques to guarantee that all items, from office furniture to sensitive equipment, are transported without damage.
  • Punctual delivery, enabling you to plan your business operations around a reliable schedule.
  • Transparent pricing, providing clarity and enabling you to make informed comparisons with our competitors, confident in the value and quality we offer.

Stella Moving & Delivery recognizes the hard work you invest in serving our community. If your business is planning a move, allow us to support your continued success by providing a seamless and efficient relocation experience, so you can focus on what you do best – serving our neighbors and thriving in our community.

Apartment and Condo Moving Solutions

san diego full service moving company

Transitioning to or from an apartment or condo involves unique challenges compared to moving from a standalone home. The need for precision is heightened by the presence of a security deposit, urging extra care to prevent any damage to walls, floors, or doorways. The logistics of maneuvering through narrow corridors and staircases can also add complexity, especially when you ponder the initial logistics of moving large furniture into your space. Moreover, adhering to a strict timeline is crucial to circumvent any issues with your property management.

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we’re committed to ensuring that your move is seamless and secure, safeguarding both your belongings and the property. Our thorough packing services are designed to meticulously prepare your items, from furniture to kitchenware, ensuring they are transported without risk. We understand the importance of protecting your investment and take every precaution to ensure a damage-free move.

Navigating the intricacies of apartment and condo relocations, especially when dealing with cumbersome items or challenging access points, is our forte. Whether it’s a hefty bed frame or a bulky sofa, our team is equipped to handle the heavy lifting and maneuvering, ensuring your belongings reach their new destination intact.

Understanding the critical nature of timing in apartment moves, we prioritize efficiency and punctuality throughout the moving process. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition, allowing you to vacate your old space and settle into your new one without delay or financial penalties. Let Stella Moving & Delivery take the strain off your next apartment or condo move, enabling you to focus on settling into your new home with peace of mind.

In-House Moving Services

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While Stella Moving & Delivery is renowned for facilitating your transition from one home to another, we recognize that life’s changes often require more nuanced, smaller-scale assistance. Sometimes, the change you need is as simple as reimagining the layout of your living room or reorganizing a bedroom.

Rearranging your space can be surprisingly taxing. Imagine the effort involved in emptying bookshelves, sliding sofas across floors, lifting tables, and repositioning chairs and lamps until everything is just perfect. It’s a process that could leave you exhausted, sore, and possibly in need of medical attention for a strained back or a twisted ankle.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Stella Moving & Delivery offers a specialized team of movers to handle even the smallest of moves. Whether it’s adjusting the layout of your living room, swapping the bedrooms of your children, or any other internal adjustments, we’re here to assist. There’s no need to risk injury or spend your day in what could be a physically demanding task when our experts can execute it swiftly, efficiently, and without any hassle to you.

Our service is designed to handle any item, regardless of size, ensuring you don’t have to. Don’t risk hurting yourself over rearranging furniture; Stella Moving & Delivery is at your service for all your small moving needs, providing our expertise at a fair price to make your life easier.

Specialized Government Relocation

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Stella Moving & Delivery holds a distinguished position as a preferred mover for the public sector, deeply understanding the unique moving requirements of government employees. Our commitment to delivering exemplary service is unwavering, whether our clients are military personnel, government agencies, or their staff. We recognize the daily contributions you make to our community and nation, and we believe you deserve nothing less than the utmost professionalism and quality in moving services.

Our standout feature in the moving industry is our service model, designed to offer an effortless, respectful, and stress-free experience, akin to the treatment expected by celebrities. This model includes a commitment to transparent communication, ensuring you are always updated about your move’s progress and have the freedom to reach out with any queries or concerns. Our team comprises only the best-trained and vetted staff, ensuring a high level of service without resorting to external contractors. We emphasize efficient, secure packing practices to ensure your belongings are transported without damage, guarantee timely delivery, and uphold a policy of transparent pricing.

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we recognize that government entities have more critical tasks to focus on than the minutiae of moving. Our aim is to facilitate your moving process with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism, supporting the vital services you provide to our community and country.

Comprehensive Packing and Unpacking Assistance

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Imagine you’re part of a robust, truck-driving, bodybuilding family who thrives on physical challenges. Even with the muscle to move mountains, when it comes to relocating, there’s more to consider than just the heavy lifting. The meticulous preparation and packing of your belongings are crucial to avoid the heartache of damaged goods. Why risk the safety of your cherished items like heirloom china, a brand-new dish set, or your elegant dining table? Stella Moving & Delivery offers comprehensive packing solutions to ensure your valuables are protected throughout your move.

With Stella Moving & Delivery, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner in your moving journey. Our expert teams are not only skilled in packing but are also trained in organizational excellence, ensuring that every aspect of your move is synchronized. Our commitment to superior customer service is reflected in our meticulous handling and safeguarding of your possessions.

We come equipped with an arsenal of packing materials designed to provide unparalleled protection. From stretch wrap and sturdy boxes to butcher paper and protective blankets, we have all the essentials to secure your items. We also offer specialized protection with carpet shields, railing covers, mattress bags, and more to prevent any damage to your home or belongings during the move.

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we embrace the challenges that come with moving, no matter how daunting they may seem. Whether it’s a cumbersome couch or spatial constraints in the moving truck, we’re adept at finding solutions. We understand the essence of a successful move and are prepared to meet its demands, regardless of the obstacles.

For a stress-free and efficient packing experience, turn to Stella Moving & Delivery. Reach out to us at (619) 319-1402 for a comprehensive estimate. Let us handle the intricacies of packing, allowing you to focus on the excitement of transitioning to your new home.

Labor-Intensive Moving Support

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At Stella Moving & Delivery, we cater to all your moving needs, whether you’re seeking just the manpower or a comprehensive full-service solution. We provide the flexibility to choose between supplying our expert team to handle your belongings with care or offering a complete package that includes transportation. Our team is deeply committed to your satisfaction, ensuring that every aspect of your move is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Our LABOR ONLY service comes with clear, transparent pricing, allowing you to plan and budget your move without any surprises. For those needing a more extensive service, our full-service moving options are competitively priced and tailored to your specific requirements, including the size of the truck, the nature of the premises you’re moving from or to, and the number of movers you require.

Stella Moving & Delivery has a rich history of managing diverse moves ranging from compact college dorms to lavish million-dollar homes and significant commercial relocations. Our expertise isn’t just limited to moving; we also specialize in furniture disassembly and assembly, boasting an impressive track record of over 1,000 pieces skillfully assembled. Whether it’s a single piece of furniture or an entire office setup, our team has the experience and references to back up our claim of excellence.

If you require evidence of our proficiency and dedication, we have an extensive portfolio of completed projects, including labor moves and office furniture assembly tasks. No job is too minor or extensive for us, from handling a single item with care to executing full-scale office installations.

To explore our labor-only services or receive a customized quote for our full-service moving solutions, contact us. With Stella Moving & Delivery, you’re choosing a partner who values your move as much as you do, committed to delivering service that’s not just satisfactory but exemplary.

Specialized Moves for Seniors and Assisted Living Facilities

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Stella Moving & Delivery holds a special place in our hearts for the elder community, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of the generations that preceded us. We provide dedicated moving services for older adults transitioning to or from homes, apartments, or assisted living facilities. Understanding the emotional and physical toll such transitions can entail, especially when downsizing, we offer our full support to handle every aspect of the move, ensuring no stress falls on your or your loved ones’ shoulders.

Our services are designed to support clients of any age, but we have a particular affinity for assisting seniors. The process of packing, lifting heavy items, and managing the logistics of a move can be overwhelming, more so for older individuals. Stella Moving & Delivery aims to alleviate these burdens, ensuring a smooth transition to assisted living or a new home.

If you or a loved one reside near San Diego and require expert senior moving services, Stella Moving & Delivery is your go-to source. We handle every item with the utmost care, with a special emphasis on safeguarding fragile belongings. As a locally owned and operated entity, we’ve proudly served the San Diego community, earning trust through our commitment to excellence and understanding.

For senior citizens, the physical demands of moving can be daunting. With Stella Moving & Delivery, there’s no need to lift a finger. Our certified and licensed moving professionals, with extensive experience, will manage all packing, lifting, and transportation, ensuring your belongings are treated with care and respect.

Transparency is key to our operations, ensuring you’re well-informed throughout the moving process, without any hidden costs. Our competitive pricing and commitment to quality service make relocating a hassle-free experience for San Diego’s senior residents. With a reputation for reliability, licensing, and insurance, Stella Moving & Delivery is the preferred choice for many, standing as a testament to our dedication to serving the community’s moving needs.

Secure Storage Options

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In life’s transitions, sometimes there’s a gap between leaving one place and settling into another, or situations arise where you can’t take everything with you immediately. For these times, Stella Moving & Delivery provides a secure and convenient solution with our storage services in San Diego, catering to various needs, whether you’re temporarily relocating for military duty or business, or simply in the midst of transitioning between homes.

Temporary Moving Storage in San Diego:

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we go beyond the standard storage service. Our state-of-the-art facility is not just a space to place your belongings; it’s a fully managed service where our trained staff handle everything from packing to storage. Unlike typical self-storage units, our team will pack, load, and unload your items with meticulous care, ensuring they are stored precisely and safely under the supervision of our storage manager.

Our facility is designed to keep your items in pristine condition: boxes are securely packed, furniture is shrink-wrapped and elevated off the floor, and everything is arranged to ensure easy access and protection. With 24-hour surveillance, we guarantee a secure environment for your valuables.

Mover Storage Facility:

For military members heading overseas or individuals facing temporary relocation, our storage services offer peace of mind. Whether you need short-term storage during a local move or long-term solutions for more extended periods away, your belongings are safeguarded in our facility.

Best Moving & Storage Company in San Diego, California:

Why risk your valuable possessions in a subpar storage unit when Stella Moving & Delivery offers a premium, worry-free alternative? Your belongings deserve more than just being left in a dusty, insecure unit. Trust us to care for your items as if they were our own. Our commitment to excellence and meticulous care is why we’re a leading moving and storage service in San Diego.

If you’re facing a move or need a reliable storage solution, reach out to Stella Moving & Delivery at (619) 319-1402. Discover the ease and security of partnering with San Diego’s top moving and storage experts.

Long-Distance Moving Services

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Stella Moving & Delivery takes immense pride in offering top-notch moving services not only locally in San Diego but also on a national and international scale. Our specialized long-distance division ensures the same high standards of care and service are maintained, regardless of whether your move is within California, across state lines, or to a different country.

For long-distance relocations, we provide comprehensive support. A dedicated moving coordinator will guide you through the specifics of your move, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every aspect of the transition. Our packing services are meticulous, with around-the-clock surveillance available for stored items, ensuring your belongings are secure if you’re unable to move everything simultaneously.

A key benefit of choosing Stella Moving & Delivery for long-distance moves is our direct service approach. Unlike some competitors who may outsource to third parties, we handle your move from start to finish. This continuity means the team that packs and loads your belongings is the same one that will unload them at your new destination, ensuring consistency and accountability throughout the entire process.

Our commitment to excellence extends to protecting your property during transit. We use shrink wrap and pads for delicate items, particularly furniture, to prevent any damage during the move. As a licensed and insured mover, we adhere to the highest standards of safety and reliability, ensuring your items are transported without incident.

Our moving professionals are rigorously trained to handle various moving scenarios, including navigating tight spaces and multi-story buildings, ensuring they’re equipped to address unique challenges. This comprehensive training ensures that the team handling your move is composed of skilled experts, ready to manage your relocation with the utmost competence.

Trust Stella Moving & Delivery to provide a seamless, efficient, and secure moving experience, regardless of the distance. Our commitment to excellence has made us the preferred choice for many, underscoring our reputation as a trusted partner in long-distance relocations.

Furniture Moving and Delivery Experts

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When selecting house movers in regions like San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside County, and Imperial County, it’s crucial to choose a company that can meet and exceed your specific needs. Stella Moving & Delivery is equipped to handle every aspect of your move with precision. We have the expertise to transport heavy furniture or an assortment of lighter items efficiently, and our team is adept at quick, safe disassembly and reassembly of your furniture.

Stella Moving & Delivery stands out for its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service. We’re recognized in the community for our readiness to tackle various moving challenges, ensuring safety, speed, and reliability. Our reputation is built on delivering consistent client satisfaction, whether we’re moving a single heavyweight item or an entire household of goods.

Efficient Furniture Delivery and Disassembly, Reassembly

Don’t let the dimensions of your doorway determine what furniture you can take along to your new home. Stella Moving & Delivery provides essential disassembly and reassembly services, making it feasible to transport even the bulkiest items without a hitch. Our experience in this domain ensures that your valued possessions are moved with care and professionalism.

Prepared for Any Situation

On moving day, Stella Moving & Delivery comes fully equipped to manage your move seamlessly. Our preparation includes protective materials for upholstered and wooden furniture to prevent any damage during the move. We utilize the right tools and equipment, such as dollies and straps, to ensure secure transportation of your items. Our team’s proficiency in handling various types of furniture ensures that your belongings are transported safely and arrive in the same condition they were in when we packed them.

For a moving experience that combines efficiency, security, and meticulous attention to detail, consider Stella Moving & Delivery. Contact us for a move that promises peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of transporting your belongings is handled with expert care.

Professional Piano Transportation

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Stella Moving & Delivery takes pride in being a renowned national company specializing in the meticulous transportation of pianos, organs, and other musical instruments. Our expertise in piano moving in San Diego and beyond ensures that your cherished instrument is handled with the highest level of care and professionalism.

Piano Moving San Diego

We provide comprehensive door-to-door piano moving services, upheld by a team dedicated to maintaining excellence in customer service. From the initial contact with our office staff to the final delivery by our movers and drivers, your piano’s move is executed with precision and care, ensuring its safety every step of the way.

Expert Handling and Transportation

Utilizing top-tier equipment and the safest moving techniques, Stella Moving & Delivery is committed to the secure transport of your piano. Our team is well-versed in navigating the unique challenges pianos present during moves, whether it’s within San Diego or across California. Our comprehensive insurance coverage, including cargo, liability, and worker’s compensation, affirms our commitment to risk-free service.

Specialized Piano Moving Procedures

Our movers are trained explicitly in the art of piano moving. This includes the proper padding and stretch wrapping of the instrument, secure placement on specialized moving equipment, and the careful disassembly and reassembly of parts like legs, pedals, and music stands. Each step is meticulously planned and executed to ensure the utmost protection of your piano during transit.

Diverse Services Offered

Stella Moving & Delivery’s expertise is not limited to traditional moves. Our services cater to a variety of needs across California, including:

  1. Transportation of pianos/organs between locations.
  2. Internal moves for renovations or floor replacements.
  3. Assistance with loading or unloading for self-transport.
  4. Assembly and setup of pianos/organs.
  5. Navigating pianos/organs through challenging terrains or building layouts.
  6. Specialized moves involving stairs, grass, or uneven surfaces.

Whether you’re relocating a grand piano, an organ, or a smaller musical instrument, Stella Moving & Delivery ensures a service marked by expertise, safety, and a deep understanding of the nuances involved in musical instrument transportation. Trust us for a harmonious move that hits all the right notes.

Safe and Vault Relocation Services

san diego home moving services

Stella Moving & Delivery is adept at handling the intricate task of moving safes and vaults, employing specialized equipment and extensive training to ensure the security and integrity of your valuables. We tackle challenges head-on, regardless of the safe’s location—be it tucked away in a closet, mounted on a pedestal, or situated upstairs in your home or office. Our commitment is to provide exceptional care for both your safe and the surrounding environment during the move.

Specialized Safe and Vault Moving Services

Our approach to moving safes and vaults is built on precision and safety. We understand the unique requirements of these items, and our team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle them effectively. Whether it’s a residential or commercial setting, our objective is to execute the move flawlessly, ensuring that your property is respected and protected throughout the process.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for Maximum Protection

Stella Moving & Delivery operates with the highest standards of accountability and professionalism. Being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we offer you a service you can trust, providing assurance that your valuable items are in safe hands. Our credentials reflect our dedication to delivering a service that ensures both safety and customer satisfaction.

Experienced and Trained Professionals

Our team consists of highly trained professionals, adept at moving thousands of safes and vaults. This experience is complemented by specialized equipment designed to transport heavy and sensitive items with precision. Our staff’s proficiency allows us to handle even the most complex moving challenges with ease and efficiency.

Local Expertise with Fair Pricing

As a locally owned and operated business in San Diego, we take pride in our community-focused approach. We understand the local landscape, which enhances our ability to provide tailored and effective moving solutions. Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that you receive the best value for our top-tier moving services, making Stella Moving & Delivery a preferred choice for safe and vault relocation.

For those in San Diego looking for a reliable mover to handle their safes or vaults, look no further. Stella Moving & Delivery stands ready to offer a moving service that combines expertise, safety, and customer-centric care, ensuring your valuables are transported securely and efficiently.

The level of professionalism, efficiency and general helpfulness shown by Pablo and Eduardo was unprecedented.
This team worked together so well and went out of their way to carefully wrap and package all of my items for safe storing.
When their truck didn’t fit inside the delivery bay, they adjusted the plan and executed my move with the ease.
On a personal level, these two men are a couple of the most kind people I’ve had the honor to meet.
Everything was done online, quote, request for scheduling, paperwork signed, payment options etc….so easy!

Wendy Blecha

Feb 9, 2021

These guys were great. Robert and Pablo came in, masked up, were polite, quick and absoutely tireless. Moved a ton of stuff from paintings, mirrors (which were carefully wrapped up), beds and dressers, and boxes galore. They even packed wardrobes and boxes (which they had)! All at a great price. Highly recommend.

Carmen Medici

Feb 9, 2021

Robert and Dee helped us with our move.
They were very professional and quick. They packed, moved and unpacked our 1BR very fast.
They handled all the items carefully, wrapped all the furniture and were also COVID compliant.
I would definitely recommend them.

Harsh Bansal

Feb 9, 2021

Had such a great experience! I booked very last minute and their schedule was super accommodating. I got to work with Robert & D who were so friendly & professional the entire move (my friend is moving tomorrow and I told her to use Stella and ask if those two are available). They wrapped everything up really well, disassemble & reassemble multiple pieces of furniture, navigated a difficult staircase with big heavy pieces and even helped me figure out how to turn the water on in my apartment – all while wearing masks 🙂 No surprises charges whatsoever, I was actually charged less than the initial quote. Couldn’t be happier with this experience.

Emma Nieting

Feb 9, 2021

Efficient, speedy, courteous, available right when I needed them. Job well done!

Ese Equis

Feb 9, 2021

Daniel, Diego, Gui and Alexandre were so wonderful and helpful. They all had great attitudes, were very quick and careful while moving all my things and even managed to move some big items that I had trouble getting other companies to agree to move. On top of that, they were all wearing masks and followed covid guidelines to make me feel secure while they did it. Overall really happy I booked my move with them.

Anna Kasmirov

Feb 9, 2021

Our movers arrived exactly on time and worked tirelessly in masks to get all of our belongings moved safely. Thanks for making our move so much less stressful!

Bridget Blackwell

Feb 9, 2021

Stella moving was super helpful, convenient and affordable. We were able to book them for next day moving–we were unable to plan ahead due to unexpected delays in our closing date on our new home.

Daniel, Gui and Diego were on time, friendly, and efficient. They took good care of all our belongings and finished the job in less than the expected time. Will definitely use them again for moving needs.

Victor Alcalde

Feb 9, 2021

Moved my furniture and belongings quickly and efficiently. The owner was helpful resolving some minor issues.

Patrick Armstrong

Feb 9, 2021

This moving service is amazing! It started with excellent communication from Matthew via text and a quick Zoom call for him to record the items we needed to move. The moving team was prompt, courteous and very careful with our belongings. The drivers were also careful along our winding driveway. We highly recommend Stella Moving Company, and will refer them to our friends & family!

The Heart

Feb 9, 2021

These guys were fantastic. We had a very difficult move with things going to 4 different areas (house, garage, POD, storage ) and the kept it all organized and sorted. Special shout out to Daniel, Willian, Guilherme, Pablo and Robert who all helped keep our family calm throughout the day!


Feb 9, 2021

Moved year and a half ago and used that company- they are the BEST. So helpful, cautious with your belongings. I had to get a sleeping couch on a way and they helped me to pick it up on a way to new place. I am so greatful for this guys! Thank you so much.

Smorodinka Ja

Feb 9, 2021

We had probably the easiest move to date (more than 10 done so far!) with our team from Stella. Prompt, SUPER professional, and wrapped/cared for our things so well. They finished the job in less time than we expected too. I felt way under prepared when Daniel, Pablo and Robert arrived but they just jumped in and got it all done, on a super hot day to boot. Thanks so much.

Paige Plihal

Feb 9, 2021

I found Stella Moving by searching Five Star moving companies in San Diego. Our move came up fast, and they offered an afternoon-into-the-evening slot for us. They absolutely saved us! The team arrived in masks, and they were very friendly and professional. You could tell that they valued our furniture by the way they took care of moving it. During the packing process, two more people arrived to help, As it was a Sunday evening, we were all motivated to get it done before it got too late. Even then, they asked if there was any more they could do for us. Because of them, this was the easiest move we’ve ever made, and all this at very reasonable rates! I highly recommend Stella Moving and Delivery. Just give them a call.

Dennis Flodeen

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving company was great! They showed up with three men and a large truck to move everything. One of the men was an engineer and took apart a storage bed with ease, no errors, and efficiency. The men had to work with a tight stairwell and a very busy apartment complex. This did not worry them. They handled all the furniture with no damages. The owner is also very willing to work with their customers to make them happy. I would recommend them.

Amanda Wagner

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving was really great! Matthew was very responsive from start to finish. His crew was really nice and professional. They were on time and worked quickly and efficiently. I know there are lots of moving companies out there, but this company is fair and honest, which is so important when looking for a moving company you can trust. I recommend highly them!

Danielle MonteLeone

Feb 9, 2021

Efficient, polite, hard working, would rehire

Walid Soussou

Feb 9, 2021

The team at Stella Moving is great. Yusuf and Omar were very efficient and careful with my stuff. They took apart all my big furniture and put it back together at the new place, wrapped everything in moving blankets to protect it from scratches and very carefully handled the fragile boxes.
Noted that my move happened during the pandemic and the team did everything on their part by wearing masks and minimizing contact.
Thank you Yusuf and Omar!
Highly recommend them.

Valentina Popescu

Feb 9, 2021

Ron and Pat Rudolph

Feb 9, 2021

William and Brandon were spectacular! They were friendly, professional and very efficient. Not a scratch on anything. I moved from San Diego to Orange County and it couldn’t have been smoother. The owner, Matthew, has a big heart and lowered his prices during Covid to make it affordable and he also donates 3% to a children’s charity. I HIGHLY recommend this company! Thank you!!!!!

Lori Chesley

Feb 9, 2021

Diego, Brendan and Will were fantastic! They arrived during the allotted window and got right to work. They were so fun to have around during what can be a super stressful time! They were done an hour sooner than we were quoted and were able to pack everything perfectly into our storage unit. I couldn’t recommend these guys more. We will definitely be hiring Stella when we move back!

Samantha Smoot

Feb 9, 2021

William and Diego were very kind. Showed up on time and worked super hard. Really appreciated their attention to detail and help with the art and bikes. Would highly recommend to anyone else in the San Diego area.

Peter Rengstorf

Feb 9, 2021

We hired Stella Moving & Delivery company to take care of our move. We had a lot of things after staying so many years in the same apartment. Diego and Daniel came early and did a fantastic job with our furniture’s and boxes. They wrapped everything, and worked nonstop until the move was over. And with today’s heat that’s quite a feat of bravery! Moving our Cal King bed up and down the stairs was truly not easy but they did it! Thanks to them, all our furniture came intact. They were positive the whole time! Definitely recommend hiring these guys you won’t be disappointed!


Feb 9, 2021

Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. The crew was right on time, communication was easy and efficient, they were so cheerful, helpful, and quick. I have probably moved a dozen times and this was far and away the most enjoyable and least stressful move all thanks to the guys at Stella. Give them your business, you will not regret it!!!!

Sally DeBoer

Feb 9, 2021

Highly recommend this moving company. Everything was awesome from their quick response to competitive rates (yes they offer military discount). Huge thanks to their team (Daniel and Diego). They wore a mask the entire time, very professional, punctual, quick and careful with your stuff and super friendly.


Feb 9, 2021

Stella was an absolute delight to work with. They promptly responded to my messages, sent me a competitive quote, showed up on time, and worked quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, the final amount they charged me was the same as what they quoted me – something that I’ve learned the hard way is not always the case with moving companies.

Special shout out to Marley and Daniel. They were both extremely kind, courteous, professional, and impressively fast throughout our move.

Big thanks to Stella for making our move as stress free as possible 🙂

Will Rippetoe

Feb 9, 2021

Super good service. They were quick to book on a busy week and delivered everything under 3 hours. Amazing service. Thanks Daniel ??

Ivan Martinez

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving and Delivery really came through for me. I called super last minute and needed to move within two days and they booked me for two days later in the morning. They were super helpful and really friendly. You can tell right off the bat how they really care for the job. My movers were Daniel Edinaldo and Sergei. I totally recommend them!

Alexa Sanchez

Feb 9, 2021

Great movers! Worked with no food or break for eight hours to hit a deadline. Very friendly.

Chris Williams

Feb 9, 2021

They were right on time. They were careful with all of my things. I couldn’t have done this without them.

Tanya Mares

Feb 9, 2021

Daniel, Devon, and Maurice were very very fast and efficient. They showed up on time, loaded the boxes, wrapped the furniture, and had everything on the truck quickly. No time wasted. Everything on the truck was really secure before we left. They also handled all of our belongings with care.

Casey Sullivan

Feb 9, 2021

The best moving company in LA period!! Nolan and his team were nothing but stellar. They’ve arrived on time – fully equipped and prepared. They were extremely friendly, courteous and polite. They’ve made my move during pandemic an absolute breeze, they all wore masks and finished everything at no time at all. They were just short jogging to and out the truck.
I called STELLA MOVING COMPANY to accommodate our move on such a short notice and they didn’t even jack up the prices like any other moving company that I got a quote from. I can only say they were big time PROFESSIONALS and I cannot appreciate their service enough. I will hire Stella Moving for my next move. Seriously the best, Look no further!

Ellie Sultan

Feb 9, 2021

These guys are great! I completely underestimated the amount of things to move but they just walked an extra mile and did the job even though it was till midnight and moving lots of things to a building without elevator.
Thank you!

Frank LA

Feb 9, 2021

Everything about our experience with Stella moving was great! They were on time, professional, took great care in wrapping up fragile items and were very efficient. I highly recommend them for your next move!

Juliet Terramin

Feb 9, 2021

Nathan Doney

Feb 9, 2021

My dad and I found Stella Moving & Delivery on Yelp. We were able to book the day we wanted with Matthew who was very helpful and accommodating. At the last minute, we ended up changing the moving location and they were able to make the adjustment on their end without rescheduling.

On the day of our move, the movers, Edinaldo and Clobson arrived on time and got to work right away! They handled everything with great care and were very efficient and overall very nice guys. We moved my items into a storage unit for the time being and they were able to organize it nicely so everything fit perfectly.

Overall, Stella was very affordable with great service. We will be hiring them again when I move out of the storage unit into my new place. You won’t be disappointed if you hire these guys to help you move!

Kirsten Zeise

Feb 9, 2021

Thank you! Stella Moving came to our rescue after another company that we had contacted stopped responding. The two gentlemen that helped us were respectful, efficient and wore masks. Also they chose to work on a Sunday when they previously had the day off. Thank you! (Posted during the Covid Pandemic 2020)

Lesley Loren

Feb 9, 2021

Just used this moving company last week and the move was very quick fast and easy. 2 person move and they even got all of my clothes and shoes that were still hanging up in my closet. They provided wardrobe boxes. They are lifesavers!! ??

IamChelseaSmith Influencer

Feb 9, 2021

Stella movers did a good job moving on short notice. The movers were careful and had a good attitude even when there were changes in having to use an elevator that was too small for the furniture.

Rhonda Mason

Feb 9, 2021

We used Stella Moving & Delivery to move a 1 bedroom apartment to our new condo. I requested a quote on Yelp and had a response from Matthew within 15 minutes. Very reasonable price for 2 men and a huge truck with no hidden fees (e.g., extra stairs, etc). The crew was professional and very respectful of our belongings.

Steven Zlotkus

Feb 9, 2021

We used Stella moving twice. Once when we moved our lives into a storage unit, and then a month later when we moved from our storage unit into our new house. Mathew, Ednaldo, Diego, and Philippe were great! They helped us pack our stuff and saved us TONS of time. We also have a piano that is very special to us that we were really nervous about moving. Luckily, we could tell right away that Matthew and his crew took great care of the items they moved. They carefully wrapped and padded the piano and cautiously loaded it into the truck. Most importantly, they were honest and hard working. When they moved our stuff the second time, they braved through a rain storm and helped to quickly transfer all of our things from our storage units to our new home.

I believe it is important to rate business on both effectiveness and customer service. The guys at Stella Moving were also extremely patient, kind, and warm to my family though out the process. My daughters were extremely interested in their moving truck and at the end of a long day, they let them sit inside and take a look. I would absolutely recommend them to anybody and would use them again.

Luis Martinez

Feb 9, 2021

The entire crew was awesome! They handled all our belongings carefully, worked endlessly to get the job done, and were super friendly and professional! The owner Matthew was great, responded quickly and was always respectful. Plus the pricing was EXTREMELY reasonable!

Tina Robinson

Feb 9, 2021

A team of hardworking, well-groomed, polite, supermen disguised as Stella Moving & Delivery made my move smooth and enjoyable today! That was the best moving experience ever! I could not have asked for a better team than Phillippe, Diego, and Edi with Matthew as their lead.
I wholeheartedly recommend Stella Moving for your move. Thank you, gentlemen and best wishes always! The best in the San-Diego area for sure!

Ruslan Karimzhan

Feb 9, 2021

Matthew and Edi were absolutely amazing! They were very patient when we got off to a late start due to changed access hours at the storage facility. They were friendly and efficient and we were able to get everything moved very quickly. I am extremely happy that I chose Stella Moving & Delivery for this move and would recommend the service to anyone! Thanks, Guys!

Kuatbek Tashimov

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving company was able to accomodate my last minute move – I was moving within 3 days. Additionally, they were very informative, attentive to my furniture and was affordable.

Marina Novakovich

Feb 9, 2021

We were very impressed with the professional, speedy, and courteous behavior of this moving company. They gave us a day before text of upcoming service, and a day of reminder of when they would arrive. They were on time and worked nonstop for the duration of the job. Matthew and Edinaldo were friendly and very respectful of our possessions. I highly recommend their great service to anyone.

Heather Pentico

Feb 9, 2021

Highly recommend! Matthew was super responsive when I emailed him about moving some furniture for me. Him and his team arrived on time and were professional. They disassembled and reassembled the furniture for me as well. Will definitely be using them again!

Jessica LaFontaine

Feb 9, 2021

To tell you the truth we were a bit leary about using a small moving company for our move to Arizona. We interviewed 3 plus one of the “big guys”. The minute we meet Matthew and his crew we were put totally at ease. His caring and positive attitude won me over at once. I always go with my gut and I’m glad I did. Right from the start you can tell he cared about you and you move. It’s like you became part of his family. The day of the move he and the crew showed up on time expertly packed the house and off to Arizona we go. Nolan showed up the next day at the time he said he would be there and moved everything to where we wanted it and expertly unpacked it all. All breakables were packed and wrapped nothing was lost or broken. Nolan was wonderful. We couldn’t be happier with this company and I can’t really express in words how wonderful they are. I have already recommended them to a couple of families I know are moving soon and I’ll recommend them to you too. Matthew knew how stressed I was over this move and helped with that too by just being a great guy and now I’m glad I can call him friend. I told him if I ever think about moving again I’ll kill my self first. And if I don’t, I’ll use Stella.
BRAVO!!! Spaciva.

Chris Chiotras

Feb 9, 2021

They were great guys to work with. Very professional and efficient. They moved me fast!

Leticia Vallejo

Feb 9, 2021

I moved today using Stella. And they were very good. Matthew was attentive and responsive during the scheduling and quote process. Ivan and his partner during the move were efficient and careful during the move.

Matt Rusin

Feb 9, 2021

Matthew was amazing, accomodating, professional and friendly. Their prizes are more than reasonable. I needed movers who could work after hours because of my schedule and Matthew hooked it up. Some movers in the past have tried to rip me off by taking their time and charge me morem money, but Matthew and his crew took care OF everythjng extremely quickly and still be delicate with my belongings. I will use them again when I move out.

Jorge Mancilla

Feb 9, 2021

I needed to move the next day due to an emergency. Stella Moving and Delivery were able to accommodate me. The move was easy. Stella Moving and Delivery came in time and made things smooth. Would recommend.

Nghia Nguyen

Feb 9, 2021

Michael and his crew did a great job moving us. Packed up boxes and got us moved in a timely manner. They even took down our trampoline and reassembled it at the new place.

Derrick Harris

Feb 9, 2021

Amazing service! They are absolutely wonderful! Clear communication throughout, on-time and ready. They went above and beyond taking the contract last minute in the late afternoon ensuring that the job was done with attention to details. Thank you so much! I’m happy to recommend Stella Moving & Delivery.

Michelle Hass

Feb 9, 2021

Movers were so professional and knew what they were doing. I’m planning to move again in a month and intend to hire them again. Nice good looking people!

Romeo D.

Feb 9, 2021

The owner and movers are polite, friendly, hard working, fast, and most of all extremely careful with moving items! They are pros at wrapping and protecting every item they move. I’ve moved many times and I’ve never had as positive of an experience as I did with Stella Moving. I highly recommend them! You won’t have to worry about your items arriving safely. It was a stress free move and cost effective because they work fast! And they’ll put your items exactly where you want them to go. Because they came equipped with tools, they were able to handle reconnecting the wall units too. Stop searching! These are the movers for you too!


Feb 9, 2021

I’ve used a bunch of different local moving companies over the years and never used the same one twice because they were never that great. But then I found Stella Movers! They are fantastic! They are so friendly and efficient, took great care of my stuff, and made it so easy! I will absolutely use them again!

Audrey Kirk

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving & Delivery Company was the most professional and efficient moving company I have ever used. Matthew & Edinaldo were on time, professional, quick, cost friendly, and very helpful. The entire process could not have gone any smoother. Everything they did went above and beyond my expectations. Stella Moving & Delivery Company will be the only company I use for all future moves.

Lauren Fitzgerald

Feb 9, 2021

After moving all our things, then having to move less than a year later, my roommates and I were not excited about moving. This company did a great job moving us! They showed up on time, were friendly and worked fast! We had no idea how much stuff we really had! They worked tirelessly to move our things, wrapped all our furniture and de-assembled/re-assembled our furniture. A 3rd person, the owner, even came to help us because there was so much to move! Thank you again for your help!

Alicia Teresi

Feb 9, 2021

They were really helpful, even brought an extra guy for free until his next appointment. Wrapped all our furniture before moving it, took legs off couches for moving and reattached them once in the new house. Outstanding service and great guys.

Christopher Rudolf

Feb 9, 2021

These guys are awesome! Super friendly, great service and awesome pricing. I will definitely be using these guys again and again for all my moving and logistical needs!

Lucas Murphy

Feb 9, 2021

I needed a very heavy bathroom vanity moved upstairs. The first people who attempted this failed, with 6 people. Stella was extremely professional and prompt, and moved the vanity without damaging it or my hardwood stairs. They were courteous and efficient, and cleaned up when they finished. I would strongly recommend them.

Erik Pendleton

Feb 9, 2021

Stella moving made my transition super easy. They arrived early and got the move done quickly. They were very nice, professional, and efficient. I would recommend to anyone!

Samantha Curtis

Feb 9, 2021

The Stella Moving team was great! They told me they would have 2 guys and showed up with three! They were very friendly and nice. Nothing got damaged in the process. They worked their butts off to get the job done as soon as they could and not take advantage of time & money. Thank you so much, I truly would recommend them and am very happy I chose to work with them!

Kristen Huy

Feb 9, 2021

Valeria Abramovich

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving & Delivery worth more than 5 stars! Great moving experience working with this company. The booking was simple and one of their customer reps walked me through the whole process. On-time, thoughtful, careful, intelligent, friendly and very hard working. The move went much more smoothly than I expected. We highly recommend their services.
Special thanks for Matthew (his support and knowledge about the moving process and experience were unbelievable rightful) and to the whole team for making the experience seamless!

Askar Abishev

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving Delivery was so accommodating and efficient. His calm, and I can handle anything attitude made everything such a pleasant experience I will be contacting them for my next move for sure. Thanks guys!


Feb 9, 2021

I can’t say enough good things about Matthew and his crew!!! Due to a last minute cancellation of our scheduled movers I called at least a dozen movers in a panic to try and get a scheduled moved for the next day. A very tall order during one of the busiest seasons I know…. and a Saturday nonetheless! Matthew was not only sympathetic to my situation but went above and beyond to fit me in his busy schedule! He was extremely professional, and his price was very fair. His crew worked extremely hard!
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this company to anyone looking for movers !!!! Thank you again Matthew I appreciate everything!

Jennifer Acker

Feb 9, 2021

Repeat customer and I recommend these folks highly. Fast, secure, and efficient, they know their business and work hard to execute the move. Moreover, priced fairly and reasonably. I would use these guys again when the need arises.

James Hardy

Feb 9, 2021

They all doing a great job. They are so kind and careful!

Huaqiang Tang

Feb 9, 2021

The movers were terrific! They really know how to hustle. Everything was smooth and prompt. Definitely recommend this moving company to anyone that wants the moving process to go as smoothly as possible!!! ??

kieshawn rattana

Feb 9, 2021

We had a great moving experience with this company. Everything made it safely to our new home. The crew was very professional & fun to work with. I would highly recommend them for your move.

Holly Hansen

Feb 9, 2021

Did a great job of moving. They brought their own stuff for protecting my furniture and took excellent care of the stuff.
Very efficient in packing and loading of my stuff and moved at a super pace.
Definitely recommend them.

Pradeep Singh

Feb 9, 2021

I needed my entire life‘s contents put into storage as our household suffered a electrical fire that left the house water damage. From the time I called Stella moving company, they were not only easy to deal with, but some of the most friendly people I have ever encountered in this industry. The manager was more than helpful and sent us an agreement and appointment time with no delay. On the day of the move, Matthew and his partner moved all our possessions with care and efficiency. Both of them were super friendly and hard-working. Pricewise, this company is one of the most if not the most reasonable I have encountered. I discovered them through a recommendation from a coworker and would definitely recommend to any buddy looking to be treated with dignity and fairness.

Phil Yau

Feb 9, 2021

This is my first time moving, and I simply chose Stella by chance.

Now, I am just glad that we picked them out of all the choices out there. Definite 5 star.

They are very efficient: in our case, it takes about 4 hours to move a full 2 bedroom apt to the new address, including packing everything and dissembling and assembling bed frames.

They are very patient and considerate: we hadn’t started packing when they arrived, and they literally helped us with everything.

I would definitely recommend Stella to anybody looking to move.

Kew W

Feb 9, 2021

They made our move so easy and they were super efficient!!!! No walls were harmed during the move!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Audra Rosati

Feb 9, 2021

Very hardworking and great people. Definitely the movers to go with!

Giving someone else responsibility for moving my personal belongings makes me extremely stressed, so I was expecting a lot of anxiety for our moving day, especially with moving my mom’s old piano. But Matthew and his team are so professional, detail-oriented, and hard-working that I found it to be the easiest and least stressful moving day I’ve ever experienced, and my family and I have moved over a dozen times before this.

Matthew is amazing— trustworthy, friendly, and diligent. We had also JUST had our new house painted (literally less than an hour before) Stella arrived, and they were so careful about the walls that I stopped worrying.

Ariana Meyer

Feb 9, 2021

Hello, I’d like to express my satisfaction and happiness with the work of the Stella moving company. Mathew was very professional and accommodating. He listened well and went out of his way to help with my specific situation. Stella did a good job moving my stuff in an efficient and quality manner. I will say, however, I was quite mad that after telling the company to watch my stuff, they left my small safe on the middle of the street which could have easily been stolen while moving stuff but thankfully was not. Other than that Stella did a great job!

Justin Hansen

Feb 9, 2021

Nolan and his guys were Great! They were very fast and friendly. They handled all of our belongings ( we had ALOT too) like they were their own. I would highly recommend their services if you need help moving. Prices are fair and very competitive as we checked with other movers.

Tony Jaremczuk

Feb 9, 2021

Nolan and his crew were great. They took a lot of care with our furniture and were quick and efficient. The price was reasonable. They even helped reassemble some furniture.

I would highly recommend Stella Moving and Delivery.

Cameron Gary

Feb 9, 2021

Stella movers were excellent! Nice professional and quick service. I give them a 5 star review!

Melanie Galindo

Feb 9, 2021

Had a wonderful move today with Stella the y where prompt and efficient, my wife Tracey and I would recommend them to all. Thanks Stella.

Larry Lane

Feb 9, 2021

Matthew did a great job, all of my things were moved hassle and damage free. They showed up on time, worked efficiently, and finished in the exact amount of time we expected!

Nikki Bann

Feb 9, 2021

Nolan and his crew completed our move today and they were very professional and treated all our items with excellent care. I would recommend them for any move, they were wonderful.

Shawn McCall

Feb 9, 2021

Hyunwoo Park

Feb 9, 2021

Hyunwoo Park


Feb 9, 2021

Matthew helped me with my move and he took care of literary everything! If you’re looking for a company to move your stuff I definitely recommend Stella. They have the best service in town!

Saud Alsheikh

Feb 9, 2021

They were professional and super quick! Reasonable too. There were two beds they needed to disassemble and it was complicated but they didnt take that long to do that. I reccomend Stella moving!

Y Navarro

Feb 9, 2021

I definitely recommend Stella Moving & Delivery! They responded quickly, were prompt, and very professional. There were no issues when I moved. All my things were handled carefully. Matthew is very friendly & makes sure you are satisfied with their service. Thanks for making my move hassle free!!

Romina Tayag

Feb 9, 2021

Did an outstanding job moving our house and were very affordable. They were extremely hard working and put together all the furniture. They were careful with everything to make sure nothing was damaged and treated it as if it was their own. Highly recommend!

Mark Mosson

Feb 9, 2021

Completed my move from Chula Vista, CA to Murrieta,CA movers were very efficient and on time even when i had to change the time due to bot getting my keys for my new place at our original time! I recommend this company for anyone who is looming for fast friendly movers! I know I will use them in the future!


Feb 9, 2021

The crew led by Nolan did an incredible job moving my family into a new home. We have a good amount of furniture and belongings and the crew helped us with packing and moving all of the items very carefully. It was a long day but they did an expert job. I would highly recommend them!

Noah Reiter

Feb 9, 2021

Nolan and Matthew we’re fantastic! They took care of my 2 bed 2 bath efficiently and diligently packing my plasma (out of stock since consumerism killed off the best TV medium known to man) with no issues. Took apart my beds and put them right back, everything exactly where I wanted it without needing to lift a finger. Would highly recommend…am a frequent mover and will be calling them next year. They didn’t even stop for lunch! Hard working, trustworthy crew.

David Antoun

Feb 9, 2021

Wonderful gentlemen. Fast, efficient, extremely polite and incredibly careful with my belongings. The best moving experience ever!!

Mary Martin

Feb 9, 2021

Stella Moving was contracted out on behalf of another company I thought I had booked with. There had been some miscommunication initially between the original company and Stella moving, but after a few phone calls things we’re figured out. The move took longer than I had been quoted by the original company, but Stella were very meticulous with packing and protecting all my furniture and belongings, including a piano, and worked had to get all my stuff to the new place without any damage and all, not even a dent in scratch… And delivered everything to the right rooms and helped put it all back together again. These guys work hard and do their best for you. They are very pleasant to interact with, and I have no hesiation at all in recommending Stella Moving.

Vanessa Dinning

Feb 9, 2021

This company was my dream come true. They were efficient and concerned that our move was above and beyond our expectations. Please consider them for you next move larger which ours was or small. We will definitely use and refer them again?

Annetta Bryant

Feb 9, 2021

Your professional team made it feasible! My sincere appreciation is going to Matthew the supervisor of this exceptional organization. He turned into in full control of his team right from the beginning. Due to the fact if his keen supervision, it was possible to my circle of relatives and me to transport from my vintage place to a new one in a pressure-free way. Thank you a lot! You’re very reliable and brave. I’m sure about that one. After I sought your offerings, you saved your part of the bargain. The relocation fees have been favorable and there had been no hidden prices. You relocated me inside the agreed time and even managed to complete in advance than anticipated. I have all of the motives to believe you. Inside the subsequent relocation offerings, this may be my desire of the mover.

Mike Garcia

Feb 9, 2021

Great service, very fast, very nice.

Soph Anya Lundeberg

Feb 9, 2021

Andre and Adu were great! Made the move so easy and they were incredibly professional and nice. Would definitely recommend and use them again!

Vanessa N.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex and Yura arrived an hour ahead of time to get to work early! Everything was put back together in the perfect place. We also had some trouble with the move in elevator but both workers were good about still making it work.

Jared R.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex & his team were absolutely fantastic!! So quick, in and out without any issues!!!

. ..

Feb 9, 2021

Adil and Andre were absolutely flawless movers. Disassembled and assembled perfectly, were efficient, on time, good communicators, and got the job done. Highly recommend.

Sam W.

Feb 9, 2021

After researching a few movers, I decided to go with Stella Moving. They were able to give me a decent estimation on cost based on my items, they were friendly during consultation, and had a user easy platform to book the move. A lot of movers I spoke to did not offer any of those 3.

On the day of, Andrei and Adeli arrived promptly to my LA apt. They were very professional and quick in the process. Moving all my items only took and an hour & some. We needed some assistance to pack my bed frame in my truck and they were very helpful with that as well.

From LA we got to Corona, and they unloaded everything into my residential home in 35 minutes. Being on a budget, I appreciated that no time was wasted in the process. I would absolutely recommend them for your future move!

Tiyana H.

Feb 9, 2021

I’m so so so happy I went with Stella Moving Company for my move. They’re worth every penny & the cost was fair. I hired 4 guys to help my boyfriend and I move from separate places into a place of our own. Alex and his team of three other guys started with my place in Pasadena and packed everything up so quickly! Then did the first drop off to the new place, then onto my boyfriend’s spot to grab his stuff and drop it off at our meeting place. They were quick, hard-working, efficient, and all around nice guys! I was very impressed with their work ethic and techniques for moving. We definitely threw them a few curveballs with the duel move and one of which being a tri-level condo with narrow hallways and no elevator. I would highly recommend this moving company for a million reasons! Oh! Also they were COVID-19 compliant for the most part, with just a few mask slips when they were lugging the furniture around but they always re-adjusted. Very appreciative of the crew!!

Sahara P.

Feb 9, 2021

We have used Stella twice now because we love it so much! It’s the most affordable we found in all of LA and the movers Alex and Yura were awesome!

Katie G.

Feb 9, 2021

Andre and Adel are amazing! Professional and polite. I loved that they put thought behind how they planned to load the truck!

Lily M.

Feb 9, 2021

Was moving 1 bedroom and a bunch of stuff out of the garage to an apartment about 25 mins away.

Alex and Andrei came and finished the job in just under 4 hours, including double travel time. I was a bit worried at first when Andrei said it was his first day but, with Alex’s help, the two were able to get the job done without too much trouble. Both were masked the entire time and were sweet and helpful.

During the quote I was told they would arrive with clean hands and with disinfected equipment. I didn’t confirm that with the guys verbally but both washed their hands before departing so it seemed they were trained in some COVID measures.

Alex took the cling wraps and masking tape we took off from the furniture as he left which was much appreciated, especially when he said it isn’t normally an included service.

Scheduling process was great as well. Spoke with Matthew via messaging in yelp and it was quick and easy. Good experience overall! I would recommend Stella to a friend.

Junie K.

Feb 9, 2021

Nice moving. Adam and Adie did a really nice job, fast and great, surely recommend it!

Amy X.

Feb 9, 2021

Andre and Adili did an AMAZING JOB!!!!

Very professional and friendly. Hustled the entire time.

Great work!!!

Rob H.

Feb 9, 2021

Just used for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. Andre and Anton were on time, courteous, and professional. Highly reccomend stella for all your moving needs.

Kim S.

Feb 9, 2021

I found Stella moving company here on Yelp. I requested several bids from about seven different moving companies. They were quick to respond to my quote, their pricing was competitive, and they were On top of confirming and making sure all my information was correct. (They were not the cheapest) Adam and Adill came at the specified time and called me before to confirm their arrival time. When they arrived they got right to work. They were both kind and thorough and efficiently got the job done. All of my furniture, mattresses, lamps, were all wrapped and protected. I would highly recommend Stella Moving Company for all of your moving needs. If I could give them 10 stars I would. Thank you so much! Best moving company!
They were an awesome team and I would ise them again!

Kim S.

Feb 9, 2021

Nolan and his team were excellent during our move on 1/2/2020. They provided great communication when we requested a quote (which they came in under!) and were flexible around our schedule. They arrived early and required little direction for them to get started. The team of 3 were efficient in getting our items ready quickly loading, and then unloading at the new location. The team also had their own tools, so they were able to disassemble some of our smaller and bigger items that we had (e.g. wall-mounted TVs).

The team also followed all health protocols, including social distancing, masks, etc. To note: we didn’t have that many big items to move, except we did have a heavy piano. The team did an incredible job getting the piano down a flight of stairs and then into the new apartment. They were careful throughout the entire experience, very courteous, and made the moving experience the easiest it’s ever been for me. I highly recommend using them.

Michael M.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex and his team did a fantastic job moving us into our 2bd/2ba home. We had tons of heavy and fragile things, and everything was expertly packed, wrapped, and transported. The team was professional, friendly, and quick. I’m so glad we chose these movers!!!

Natalie S.

Feb 9, 2021

I had a great experience working with the Stella moving team today, and would highly recommend them! They were fast, efficient and extremely professional. All of my items were carefully packed, secured, and unpacked in no time at all. I would definitely hire them again in the future!

Paige Z.

Feb 9, 2021

Johnny was courteous, careful with our belongings and great, 5 star service. Including him, we had a crew of 3 to help us move. I deducted one star because one of them was a bit gloomy and didn’t try to respect the no shoe policy for the carpet on the 2nd floor. He seemed to be in a bad mood, so we didn’t try to approach him.

Mark L.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex and Yura were super quick and very friendly. We’ve had great experiences with Stella in the past and this move was no exception. We’d happily use Stella again!

Micah M.

Feb 9, 2021

Johany and his crew were super nice and professional. Showed up on time and all were very sweet and accommodating. Will definitely request them again the next time!! They were so careful and didn’t damage anything, which is so important to many people! 1000 stars- Love them!!!

V L.

Feb 9, 2021

Andre and Adu were great! Made the move so easy and they were incredibly professional and nice. Would definitely recommend and use them again!

Vanessa N.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex and Yura arrived an hour ahead of time to get to work early! Everything was put back together in the perfect place. We also had some trouble with the move in elevator but both workers were good about still making it work.

Jared R.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex and Artur were so great! This was my second time moving with them and they were quick and very kind. So glad I could use their services again!

Hannah K.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex and John were great at moving my place! I had a last minute move and Nolan was great at accommodating me with a move the next day. They were very quick and friendly. Would move with them again!

Hannah K.

Feb 9, 2021

Fast movers Andri & Tuncay did a great job moving me quickly and with friendly and positive attitude. No problem moving lots of things up some stairs on both ends!

J.P. W.

Feb 9, 2021

We had Ansar, Nik, and Mal move us and they were great! They were on time, handled our stuff with care, and made our moving experience way less stressful! We would recommend them to anyone looking for movers!

Cambria M.

Feb 9, 2021

I chose them for their good ratings and reviews. they were efficient, speedy, courteous, available right when I needed them. Job well done!

Ese E.

Feb 9, 2021

Adam and his team did an outstanding job. They moved my brother’s one bedroom apartment yesterday and everything is in great condition. I would definitely recommend them.

Melissa J.

Feb 9, 2021

Good job by Ansar and Stan. They showed up in the specified time slot and did a great job in moving all the stuff. They got it done before 3 hours too. Friendly and helpful. Good job guys!

Aarathi K.

Feb 9, 2021

Friendly, efficient company with courteous, patient owners and strong, hard-working, convivial moving guys who transported my brother’s abundant cornucopia of junk from Los Angels to Oceanside. Far less stress than renting our own truck and trying to find and hire burly strangers, which was our original plan. The extra cost of using Stella instead was well worth it.

Joel B.

Feb 9, 2021

Johnny & partner were very efficient, professional, handled my valuables well, and completed the move without any mishaps. Excellent service!!! Highly recommend!!

Helena Y.

Feb 9, 2021

Saki and Joseph did an excellent job with our move last Saturday. Saki called ahead of arriving within the promised time. They hustled for close to three hours to load the truck. At the destination, they expertly unloaded the truck. Overall, it was a smooth experience. Saki in particular was very accomodating. We will be moving again in a few months and we will definitely look up Stella again to see if they can once more help us with the move. Thank you!

Dean U.

Feb 9, 2021

Johnny and Adel showed up on time and did a good job throughout the day. They were flexible when we had parking issues and were friendly! I would use Stella as my movers again. They have very competitive rates.

David P.

Feb 9, 2021

Andre and Valentine were awesome. They were efficient and on time, careful with our things. I would use again.

Amy K.

Feb 9, 2021

Yernar and Johnny were great! This has been my easiest move so far. And that’s coming from someone who has moved 5x in the past 7 years. I would definitely recommend Stella Moving to anyone else who’s moving!

Melissa K.

Feb 9, 2021

Johnny and Adel from Stella moving were incredible! They were friendly, quick, and very careful with all my stuff. They are very understanding with all of the instructions I had and my fickle mind about where to put things. Would definitely use Stella Moving again!! Thank you so much Johnny and Adel!!

Viva S.

Feb 9, 2021

Hired Stella moving a few days before I had to actually move and everything was booked right away. The two movers were really fast and careful with our stuff. I would definitely recommend and would hire again for future moves.

Jose A.

Feb 9, 2021

Yernar and his team did a great job moving my 1bd apartment from LA to OC. They were quick and took excellent care of my furniture. I hiiiiiighly recommend them to anyone.

Lauren M.

Feb 9, 2021

I needed last minute help with my move and reached out to Stella Movers. Johnny and his crew were on time, very professional and ready to work. The got the work done quick and easy. I would hire these guys again anyway. Please choose Stella for your next move! Thank you guys very much. It was a life saver.

Sean L.

Feb 9, 2021

I had a wonderful experience with Stella Moving today. Eli and the crew were awesome! They showed up on time, worked extremely hard, and were very efficient. They even managed to get a ridiculously massive couch up to the second floor through a tight stairwell. I was impressed! I highly recommend these movers.

Jason C.

Feb 9, 2021

These guys were great. Eli called that morning to let me know when he was leaving so I could estimate his time of arrival. They showed up right in time, walked through the order that I wanted the boxes removed and worked efficiently. Upon arrival at the storage facility, they again worked diligently and carefully. They didn’t break any of the cheap Staples boxes that my client used. And they helped me store the boxes in a way that makes it very easy to read the box labels and access everything. Eli also put the heavy boxes at the bottom of the stacks and the lighter boxes at the top. I highly recommend Eli and this company.and his guy arrived

Michael O.

Feb 9, 2021

Johnny and Adel were super helpful! They both showed up in masks and were very careful, courteous and conscientious. Definitely recommend!

Laura-Claire D.

Feb 9, 2021

Andre, Valentine and Max were fantastic movers. They were prompt, friendly and communicative throughout the move.

Nicole B.

Feb 9, 2021

Awesome movers. Andre, Max and Valentine were courteous, swift and pleasant throughout our move. Will definitely use Stella Moving again.

Evie D.

Feb 9, 2021

They were super flexible when I had to move times. Very helpful and fast. Johnny and his partner worked great.

Sarah S.

Feb 9, 2021

From my initial contact with Stella Moving through the move itself, the service was above-and-beyond terrific. Matthew was excellent at communicating with me about their services and what would be ideal for my move. I had a complicated move, involving three pick-ups at different locations before moving out-of-state. The team was incredibly hard-working and worked quickly, yet efficiently. Their level of professionalism was unparalleled and they handled the job very well. The were dedicated to the job at hand and treated our items as if they were their own – every bit of care and precaution that you would hope for. I have lived in several states and have moved countless times through the years, but I can confidently say that my experience with Stella Moving was the best I’ve ever had with any moving company. The rate I was quoted was a flat rate that they stuck to, and I believe the cost of the move was beyond fair, especially considering the quality of the work provided. If you are moving, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Stella Moving. Excellent work and great people to have in your corner when you’re moving. I couldn’t be happier with the job they did!

David P.

Feb 9, 2021

Thank you Alex and his team! You made my move go smoothly from set up, packing, unloading, and setting the heavy furniture up in the right rooms. It was a pleasure working with you. Everything arrived and was unpacked with NO BROKEN items. I appreciate how PROFESSIONAL and HELPFUL everyone was. Thank you so much!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Alex and his team for all moving needs.

Debbie C.

Feb 9, 2021

First time moving so I was nervous, however, Johnny and Jones made it easier. They worked with little to no break for five hours. Overall, they did an excellent job but it would be nice if they give a call that they are running late.


Feb 9, 2021

Alex and his team showed up and got right to work. They did a great job packing and protecting all of our stuff. Would definitely hire them again.

D. L.

Feb 9, 2021

Jhonney and his team were absolutely amazing. Very professional, fast moving and treated all of our belongings as if they were their own. They moved our house into one 16ft Pod to be shipped to California and I could be more impressed with them. If I ever need a moving service in LA again I will call Stella before anyone else. I can’t recommend these guys enough!!!!

Jeremiah H.

Feb 9, 2021

Jonny and Adil were great. Best moving company I’ve used by far. On time, fast and efficient. Would definitely use again. Highly recommend!

John S.

Feb 9, 2021

On time, professional, polite and most importantly FAST! Will definitely recommend!. I hope I never need to move again, but if I do, Stella again!

D G.

Feb 9, 2021

I just finished a move from Mar Vista to Santa Monica and could not be more pleased with my choice to work with Stella Moving. Jonney and Jan arrived early, were professional, and worked efficiently to finish the job in a timely manner. They went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and even helped to take apart and reassemble all furniture. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Kelsey R.

Feb 9, 2021

On time efficient and even helped me assemble a bed that was already at the new apartment . Great service ! Super affordable

Alejandra G.

Feb 9, 2021

Amazing service! I was looking for movers who were quick and efficient and these guys where that to a tee. Johnny and Yura were extremely kind and worked really hard. They showed up right on time, dissembled all of my furniture, packed up all of my dishes, drove to my new place, and reassembled all of my furniture in 3 hours! I was shocked in how quick they moved.

They made a stressful move very easy, and I’m very grateful I found Stella. Highly highly recommend them (especially Johnny and Yura), Matthew was also very quick to communicate and confirm my move.

Price was also amazing compared to other moving services I got quotes from.

Will definitely be using Stella for my future moves!

Ankush B.

Feb 9, 2021

This is my second time using Stella Moving Company. They are amazing to work with and always take good care of my furniture/belonging and home while moving. This second time I worked with Matthew to schedule, and then Jonny and Adi were my movers and super friendly and great workers. Highly recommend them!

Kathleen V.

Feb 9, 2021

The 3 men were good in moving my items. Majority of my things I moved myself to save on the hourly rate since I was on a budget. I mainly needed help with large furniture that I couldn’t do alone. After unpacking and putting furniture back together, I did discover minor damage. Damage that is a bit of an eye sore but I can live with. The 3 men didn’t wear any mask which I was very disappointed with. I know the mask is a henderence to wear while working, but I wore a mask the whole time and I was hustling around too. The total hours charge was 5 hours. The men did work hard so I did give a big tip.

Marc I.

Feb 9, 2021

They gave me an ExtraOrdinary experience for my long distance move from Los Angeles to Livermore. Nolan and Rinat were efficient and very professional. I highly recommend them for long distance move

Yelmareddy U.

Feb 9, 2021

Alex and his team were great! Professional and fast, they helped me out literally last minute. Super grateful for their work and will be working with the