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Stella Moving & Delivery helps you find licensed full service movers who ,specialize in one-piece moves for cross-country or local moving. Whether you need a moving company for moving a refurbished piano you bought on eBay, a few household appliances, an assortment of furniture, or the contents of a tiny studio apartment, our movers can help.

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Instead of renting a truck or storage container and moving the load yourself, you can quickly arrange services through a local or nationwide mover for this type of small long distance move. Small shipment or one item moving companies consolidate your belongings with other transfers to fill the truck, save on fuel, and cut down on costs and can work with you on PRICE even if you only need to hire movers to move one item. These specialty service movers for small moves weigh your things to determine your total moving expense, so you only pay for what you ship. We make it easy to find cheap, reliable cross country single item movers!

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Local small moves can cost anywhere from $200-$500 on the low-end for a local in town move (see what your move will cost). Even if you only have a few belongings, you’ll likely run up against a company’s required minimums. You may only be moving a single couch down a flight of stairs, but the company needs to cover the cost of sending their employees across town with a truck to complete the move. Be sure to ask about the minimum cost, size of crew, or hours billed when getting quotes from short distance movers.
State to state small moves can be completed for as little as $999, but will likely depend on how popular of a moving route you’re taking. If the location you’re moving to is a popular destination, a mover will have an easier time filling empty space on the truck. The process isn’t quite as easy if you only have a few boxes to move across the country to a tiny town off the major highway route.

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In the moving company industry, a small load move is any move under 2000-lbs. For residential small moves, a studio or 1-bedroom apartment typically qualifies as a small move. Small load movers also ship household appliances, hot tubs, pianos, safes, furniture, and other items. Small moves could also include the typical dorm or college student move. Ultimately, if the cumulative weight of the shipment is less than one ton, then it’s considered a small load. Get a free free quote from our full-service professional movers that specialize in small moves today!

Professional, Trained, Full Service Movers + Equipment: With Stella Moving & Delivery, you get the benefit of professional movers who are trained to handle moves of all kinds. Plus, these moving professionals come equipped with all the necessary tools to make a move easy.

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Getting an extremely precise estimate of how much all of the items in your house weigh is better left to a moving professional with a well-trained eye. That being said, getting a rough estimate of your small move shipment is essay enough to do yourself. Here are some ways to do it yourself: Take measurements of the object you’re moving.

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Now’s the time to book your small load move and get the reliable services of a trusted professional! Need to move ASAP? Not a problem, our last minute moving help is here to save the day. To get started with the quote process, just fill out the form or call our offices at (619) 319-1402.