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At Stella Moving & Delivery, we offer you a full range of services to help you make your overseas move. Our services are a world away from booking a traditional moving van to relocate your household goods. Our packing services offer door-to-door convenience for any destination worldwide.

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How you prepare your household goods for moving is up to you. We offer a pick up service if you would like to pack your own items. However, we can also provide a full-service move, where our team of experts come in and professionally pack your belongings, using custom crates where necessary, to ensure that all your prized possessions have the maximum protection.
We understand how important your belongings are. Most people have objects that are precious to them because of their history or sentimental value. Heirloom furniture that has been cared for and passed down by other members of your family is irreplaceable. The last thing you want to think about is losing any of your most precious items.

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If you are considering doing the packing for your overseas move yourself, you might want to think again. This kind of packing is an art. When you take a serious look at all that’s involved in getting it right, you might just change your mind. We recommend that you let international moving experts pack up your household goods for you.

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Items of furniture are generally solid and they are not designed to be moved. They are vulnerable to dents, surface damage, pieces being knocked off, and cracks. Any and all of these potential problems can become a reality if they are handled incorrectly. You don’t want to find that items have been misplaced, lost, or damaged when you get to your new destination.
Our packing experts know just how to wrap and protect all of your possessions to ensure that they arrive overseas safe and sound: no chips or scratches. They tissue or bubble wrap everything securely.

At Stella Moving & Delivery, we organize the packing so that all similar items travel together in wooden crates or cartons. We know that the secret to quality packing methods is to use robust packing materials designed for overseas moving. Whether you are relocating across town or across the globe, moving can be a very stressful time for anyone. We at Stella Moving & Delivery can take the stress of packing off your hands.

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When you arrive at your new destination, you can take advantage of our inside delivery and unpacking services, which include the removal of all packing materials. Imagine how much easier it is when experts pack up your things, move them out, and then move you into your new home overseas.

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If you are traveling to an unknown destination or a country you are unfamiliar with, just the sight of a friendly face can make all the difference. When you’re not familiar with local waste management services, having our moving experts unpack all of your belongings, and then remove all the packing material, can be very helpful.
From planning your overseas move, providing an estimate, and doing an inventory to packing, protecting, moving, and unpacking – Stella Moving & Delivery can get it all done for you. Don’t take on the complex job of international moving yourself. Leave the logistics, and your worries, with us.