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One of the first questions people ask is, “What’s the cost of local moving?” Usually that prompts a person to attempt to tackle a local move themselves, and take on the cost, damage risk, and the often grueling work that comes with moving.
What is the Cost of Local Moving ?

A lot of times a local move costs a person more money than just the PRICE of a rental truck. When less than professional movers attempt a full service move, homes, furniture, and even vehicles can end up damaged, sometimes damages amounting to several thousand dollars.

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Damaged electronics. Damaged precious family heirlooms. Damaged walls, carpeting, stairLakewood
, and hardwood floors. Damaged moving trucks or even damages to cars in the neighborhood as inexperienced drivers try to navigate a large moving truck and don’t estimate a turn correctly, considering the length of the truck.

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The simple answer to the question — what’s the cost of local moving — is that moving is hard work, and takes a lot longer typically than a lot of people estimate. Plus, a lot of things can go wrong for people who are not experienced movers. So, local moving usually costs a person more money than what they think they’re going to pay.
Thinking About Renting a Moving Truck For Local Moving ?
Renting a large moving truck to save money on local moving, and then at the end of the day realizing that you can’t fit everything on to the moving truck and now you’re stuck with a higher bill — that’s a common way people can end up paying more money than they initially estimate. What happens now? …

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Well, either they can unpack the truck, and try to pack it again, but better, maximizing space… Or they can simply make a round trip for the second load, and then get the truck turned in late and pay a fee most likely … but is that really a good idea? Does your hired help (or volunteer help if you’re lucky) have the time or really want to drag this on any more than they have to?
Rental trucks use a lot of gas, and have large gas tanks … that’s another expense you’ll have to factor in, if you get stuck making a second round trip.

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Not only are you now way behind on schedule because you rented a moving truck, but now you’re paying a lot more for fuel, and the help you’ve found isn’t too happy going over schedule on this.
In the end, this is probably about the time a lot of people realize it would have been a lot smarter, and about the same cost, to simply hire professional local movers from the start.