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Packing is a crucial phase of any move. Unless you adequately protect your belongings during transit, you can easily end up with damaged or destroyed items. The same facts apply to property you intend to store with a moving company or in a self-storage or mobile “pod” facility. Some people attempt to pack on their own, and only require a convenient source for all needed supplies. Others prefer to leave all phases of packing to trained packing professionals who know how to follow best practices and keep risks for damage to an absolute minimum. In addition to offering a complete slate of packing supplies, Stella Moving & Delivery offers professional packing services. At your appointed time, we’ll arrive at your home or office with all needed supplies, including boxes, specialty boxes and various accessories. After assembling the required boxes, we’ll follow a step-by-step process that helps ensure the safety of your belongings during transit.

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Stella Moving & Delivery covers your needs with the region’s most complete packing services. For do-it-yourselfers, we offer a comprehensive inventory of boxes, tape and other supplies and accessories. For people who want to leave everything to the pros, we offer direct assistance from our friendly staff of packing experts. No matter which approach you choose, you’ll receive the benefit of 50-plus years of experience, affordable pricing and a dedication to the finest in customer service.

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If you’re planning a move, you’ll need a variety of supplies to pack your belongings safely and securely. Boxes are the main requirement. However, you can’t use just any type of box during a successful, accident-free move. Thin or flimsy boxes can break apart during packing or transport. And boxes that can’t be sealed and stacked can also lead to problems with damage or poor space utilization. For these reasons, sturdy boxes made for packing often prove the best option, even if you have to budget a few extra dollars for them.

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For convenience and maximum space efficiency, it helps to purchase packing boxes in a variety of sizes. Small boxes have a storage volume of roughly 1.5 cubic feet, while medium boxes have a volume of 3 cubic feet. Large packing boxes have a volume of roughly 4.5 cubic feet. In addition, you can find extra-large boxes with a storage volume of about 6 cubic feet.

Stella Moving & Delivery carries a full selection of durable, high-quality packing boxes suitable for both moving and storage. Our inventory includes options in all available sizes. Just mix and match as needed.

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The best option for dish packing is a divided Dishpak box, which provides individual protection for each piece it holds. Mirrors and paintings receive maximum protection when packed in specialized Picture Pak boxes. Lamp Pak boxes provide the same level of safety for small and large lamps. Some types of clothing are suited for transport in a standard packing box. However, suits, dresses and many kinds of shirts and blouses will not travel well in a folded state. A specially designed wardrobe box allows you to hang these items as you would inside a household closet.

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Stella Moving & Delivery meets every need for specialty packing boxes. A short list of our offerings includes Dish Paks, Lamp Paks and Picture Pak boxes in two formats. In addition, we carry wardrobe boxes and other specialized options. Stella Moving & Delivery also carries a full selection of vital packing accessories. For wrapping and box sealing, we offer professional-grade packing tape in varying widths. For protection of your boxed belongings, we offer paper pads and inkless newspaper. We also carry mattress bags that keep your mattresses dirt-free during transit.
Whether you’re working on behalf of your household or your business, you’ll find us eager to assist you with high-quality supplies and hands-on expertise. In addition, we feature extensive online resources that explain the fine points of effective packing in great detail. Whatever level of assistance you require, we’re your year-round resource for PRICE-conscious excellence. Call today for more information on our packing services. And don’t forget to let us know if you want to follow up with moving or storage services.