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Full-service moving companies are rare. But if you’re reading this, you have found the best that Capistrano Beach, CA has to offer! Stella Moving & Delivery is available for residential and commercial moving for local and long distance relocation. We also offer packing services to help you get started and to get settled in your new home or business location.

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Did you know that hiring a professional mover to pack and move your belongings can actually be cheaper than renting trucks and purchasing packing material to do it yourself? When you figure in the time you will save by letting the pros handle it, the choice is obvious: Choose a professional team like Stella Moving & Delivery to help you pack and move!

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From packing to delivery and unpacking, we do it all. There is a cost associated with professional moving services, but for anyone who has a lot to move or is simply fed up with the entire process, professional assistance with packing and moving is more than worth what you pay for it!

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Our packing services are quickly becoming one of our most requested services, and we completely understand why! Packing is the most backbreaking part of moving. Boxes can be rolled around on dollies or hand trucks, but when you’re packing, every single item must be lifted and carefully placed. Few people look forward to the painstaking task of packing, and now, with our help, you can avoid it altogether! Packing is a useful service that more and more Stella Moving & Delivery customers are taking advantage of. Helping customers pack their household the right way makes shipping and unpacking much easier! Our movers know how tightly each box can be packed so that it is secure for transport but is still light enough to be lifted by hand if necessary.
As we mentioned above, our expert team can have everything in your home packed up in just a few hours, so all you have to do is set up the time and call us to do the heavy lifting. Stella Moving & Delivery can provide packing services for anyone who would rather do the actual transportation themselves, maybe because they have a vehicle large enough to handle the transfer or because they would rather rent a moving vehicle, especially for long distance moves.

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Complete service for busy people, homeowners with disabilities, and those who dread everything associated with moving! A Stella Moving & Delivery team will do it all for you, and all you have to do is make that initial call! Our packing and delivery services require no effort on your part. You can even make arrangements for us to pack and deliver while you do other things. You don’t have to be present while our workers go about their business unless you want to be. There’s no easier way to move, whether you’re headed just a few miles away or half way across the country!

Of course, with Stella Moving & Delivery you have the option of totally customizing your moving experience. You can enlist our help to pack certain items but not others. You can also request our services for moving large or heavy items such as pianos or pool tables.

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Our packing services wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t also offer all the supplies you need for moving. Whether you choose to do the packing yourself or have us tackle it for you, you can buy your supplies from the same company that you trust to safely deliver the contents of your home or office to their new location.
Only Stella Moving & Delivery can provide this start to finish service for affordable rates here in Capistrano Beach, CA. Whether you are moving locally or anticipating a long distance move, it’s nice to feel like you have a friend by your side along the way, especially one who has years of experience moving everything from clothes to home theaters to filing cabinets!