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Packing and Unpacking Services
Packing up all your belongings is one of the most tedious and dreaded parts of the moving process, plain and simple. It takes a long time to safely wrap and pack all the dishes, china, glassware, artwork, clothing, books, and all your other personal belongings.

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Chances are, you don’t want to spend up to a few months packing your things into boxes only to be unable to use and enjoy them until you move… and we don’t blame you. Get professional packing help from Stella Moving & Delivery. In most cases, we can have you packed and loaded in the same day. Depending on the size of your move, you may even find your things unloaded the same day as well, putting all your moving-day stress to bed in 24 hours.

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Take advantage of our packing and unpacking services , and let us give you a hand. With some professional packing help, you can get through your move with one less chore on your plate.
With so much waste from boxes, plastic wrap and other moving materials Stella Moving & Delivery wants to decrease its carbon footprint whenever and wherever possible. In a direct effort to do so, we now offer these reusable totes as an alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. These totes are made in Calabasas, CA from a heavy-duty plastic that can withstand the daily stress of moving.

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They are made by an extremely eco-focused company name “Greenmade”. They can hold over 3.5 cubes (cubic feet) worth of stuff and are extremely easy and safe to stack. There is no need to waste tape since the lids snaps on tight and are water resistant once closed. Furthermore, the totes are already assembled, meaning no more wasting time setting up the cardboard box. While a traditional cardboard box will last for up to 4 moves, we have found these totes are able to withstand 100’s of moves making them extremely effective.

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With over a decade of moving experience, Stella Moving & Delivery saw the need for a full service moving and storage business in Calabasas, CA area that offers great service at reasonable PRICEs. He envisioned a company full of friendly, knowledgeable staff that works with clients to accomplish their individual moving and storage needs.

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Don’t have packing supplies? No worries. Stella Moving & Delivery will bring any requested moving supplies right to your front door. Just let a Stella Moving & Delivery packing pro know what materials you need before moving day.