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Stella Moving & Delivery Can offer flexible storage solutions to suit our client’s needs.

Stella Moving & Delivery: Storage Movers in Burbank

Coordinating closings of two homes simultaneously can at times be very difficult. It’s also common for an employer to relocate an employee to fill a business need without much time for the employee to secure a new residence. In many cases people require storage of their personal belongings until they have a new address ready for move in. If so we can help!

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– Should you need to be out of the home you are currently living in but not be ready to move in to your new home we can offer short term storage until you find or close on a new residence. For more information give your moving coordinator a quick call to discuss.
– Do you know you’re going to need storage for 6 months? Or maybe even longer? Stella Moving & Delivery can help! Please give your moving coordinator a call to discuss your options.

We are a moving company. We have been in Business and we are “A” rated and accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

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Our delivery windows range from 1-5 days, the same crew that picks you up is the same crew we want delivering you. We do not put you in a warehouse unless you are requesting storage. We do not use tractor trailers, we use twenty-six foot box trucks. This will eliminate the need of a shuttle. No shuttle translates into less cost for you. We do not use any third parties or any other moving company to assist us.

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Stella Moving & Delivery will pick you up and Stella Moving & Delivery will deliver you. Our refund policy is second to none. If you cancel for any reason, your deposit is 100% refundable. Plain and simple. If we don’t move you, we get paid nothing. We truly believe that our staff and our customers are our most important assets. Are we perfect? No.

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Are we proud of the service we provide and accountable every step of the way? Absolutely. Do not shop PRICE alone, moving companies are NOT all the same. Please take a moment to determine if we are a good fit for you and/or the family. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to assist you with your relocation needs.