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Big Bear City Labor Movers

Fully-Insured Labor-Only Movers
If you’re thinking of hiring a professional moving company to handle your next move, be aware that it’s going to cost you. Fortunately for those looking to save money, there are less expensive alternatives to hiring a moving company. In fact, all you need is a rental moving truck and a few assistants to help out with the heavy lifting, and the loading/unloading of your things. From hiring moving labor professionals to recruiting friends, here are five money-saving options to consider next time you move.

Stella Moving & Delivery: Labor Movers in Big Bear City

Labor-Only services are perfect for customers who need furniture, appliances, or other heavy items moved into their home. It’s also ideal for those who want a larger role in their move, without risking injury. We have a network of strong, professional labor-only partners to be your muscle.

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Our Labor-Only service can include:
• Relocating your furniture and belongings from one unit to another within a senior living community or apartment complex.
• Carefully loading and unloading your personal or rented truck.
• Moving furniture, boxes or other heavy items inside your home.

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Stella Moving & Delivery is a moving labor company; specializing in the proper loading and unloading of all trucks, trailers, portable storage containers, etc. We are happy to provide you with our rental recommendations, but it is ultimately up to the customer to make these arrangements.

Let us do the heavy lifting. We make your life-changing transition an experience that is simple, stress-free, comforting and – dare we say it – pleasant!

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All of our jobs are performed on a flat-rate basis, which naturally allows our guys to maintain a much more steady work pace, rather than hourly-rated companies, where there is often no incentive to expedite your moving project. Stella Moving & Delivery rates are 100% backed up and guaranteed! There is no more worrying about extra charges or hidden fees along the way. The rate that you are quoted will be the amount that you pay.

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Stacking is our forte! Our moving crews consist of very strong, customer-oriented, and tetris-savvy workers, whom all have several years of experience. Stella Moving & Delivery labor movers are proficient in loading your belongings tightly and securely, to ensure that we can safely fit as much as possible, while preventing any load-shifting during transit.
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Our Stella Moving & Delivery Specialist are ready to help work through all of the details of your upcoming move. Call us at (619) 319-1402.