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At Stella Moving & Delivery we understand how many items accumulate over time and that moving is the perfect time to de-clutter. Our packing movers specialists will pack and wrap everything that you desire for safe travel between your destinations. We ensure that all boxes and cartons are labeled to make your packing move life easier the other end.

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If you are interested in removing the hassle out of your next move how about engaging our packing moving experts. We handle everything for you to allow more time for you to handle the more important things. Please take the time to view our top packing tips to help make your move easier. For a comprehensive quote, please use our house moving calculator or office moving calculator.

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Start early. The sooner, the better – you don’t want to be doing everything the night before the big move, as when it comes to packing, it’s amazing how often things can go wrong.
Be sure to label each box. Labeling them by room is the best way to do this, but it doesn’t hurt to make note of the contents either, especially if the items are delicate.

At Stella Moving & Delivery packing movers team, we also place the boxes within the correct room to limit heavy lifting for you.

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Make sure all boxes are as full as possible. When it comes time to stack your boxes, you’re running the risk of crushing if many of your boxes are empty. Use wrapping material such as foam or bubble wrap wherever possible, especially for valuable items. Be sure to wrap any breakable or delicate items individually. When dismantling furniture, be sure to keep all nuts and bolts in a separate, small plastic bag. Separate the bags according to the item of furniture, too.

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Ensure any sharp items such as knives or work tools are sheathed or wrapped to prevent them from cutting holes in your boxes. Don’t pack anything you’re going to need during the day – wallets, phones and your iPod, for example. It also pays to keep a box with some essentials such as pens, paper, coffee, tea, sugar and so forth.

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Our packing moving solutions are available to all customers no matter how large or small your home is. From packing move an entire house to a singular room, we have help with it all. If you are interested in discussing all the packing move options, we have, please contact one of our friendly and professional packing movers specialists.