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Sometimes, we don’t have an entire household to move or relocate, but we do have those awkward and heavy items. These would be pianos, custom furniture, cabinetry, or really anything that you cannot move on your own. While we always suggest hiring professional single item movers to do these daunting tasks- here are a few helpful tips in case your husband is stubborn, like most! Stella Moving & Delivery will handle your one piece move professionally.

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First of all- call all your friends and their friends. Offer pizza. Bribe them. Offer beer. Bribe them more. The more people you have to help you move a piano, the better. Not only is a piano incredibly heavy and something that could injure your back, but it’s an expensive instrument that is expensive to tune and repair should it fall.

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Plan your route! This means checking to see if you have to navigate turns, stairs, or lifting it up over head. And of course, measure measure measure. Measure the doors, measure the piano at all angles, measure the stairs, and measure the spot it’s going in. Piano’s are awkward and heavy– the more planning the better.

Once it’s time to move the piano, make sure you protect the keyboard lid. Tape it, wrap it, whatever it takes just make sure that doesn’t open. When lifting, bend your knees and stick that butt out! Lift with all that knee power and work as a team. We always think a professional is best, so good luck!!!

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Measure folks, measure. Please please measure. Most refrigerators are heavy, but not awkward. You’re going to want to empty the fridge completely, cool it off and let the freezer part melt and be cleaned. Once that part is ready, make sure the doors can’t open and get you and a friend to get going! Make sure the measurements are all good and that the doorways aren’t too small. Other than that, it should be pretty easy.

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How to Move Heavy Objects
Are you noticing a pattern?
Measure Measure Measure
Get help. Call the friends. Supply beer or their favorite food. Bribery works folks so use it!
Tape any doors or lids shut that could open
Plan the route
Go get em tigers!

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Stella Moving & Delivery has been serving the Baldwin Park, CA area for over a decade. In the past five years alone, Stella Moving & Delivery’s economy has exploded and people from all over the country have relocated here. On top of that, the housing market has exploded and new neighborhoods have popped up seemingly overnight.