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Moving a household is a big step in every family’s life. There is a lot of stress about choosing where to move, how to move your job, kids, etc. That’s why a guide is sometimes necessary through this important residential moving process. The key to success is definitely being organized and knowing exactly how and when to pack and start moving household residential goods. Choosing a professional residential moving company is a great idea, but you should also be careful when doing that. Be aware of the possible risks and dangers that may come your way. That’s why you will find it useful to read our little guide to moving household goods and finding trustworthy residential movers.

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Moving your home is a very demanding job – let the experts take care of it! Start on time and prepare for moving household goods. The biggest chances to make a mistake and to experience problems happen if you do everything at the last minute. After choosing a place to move, start thinking and organizing the moving process. Moving household goods takes time, so it is important to plan every step of it. We advise that you have a notebook where you should write everything that needs to be packed and done before the moving day. You can also write expected costs and possible problems, so you always have a clear idea of the process.

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Before you arrange a residential moving estimate, do some preparation. Make a list of all the things that need to be moved. Furthermore, show the representatives of residential movers any of the tricky or difficult parts of the moving process. This includes the big and chunky items, high floors, valuable items that need special care, etc. That way you will get the most precise moving quote and have no surprises when you have to pay in the end.

We utilize our well-trained residential movers and personal experience to ensure the safety and proper care of anything we touch.

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If you are moving for the first time, you are probably surprised with the money you need to spend during the moving process. However, there are ways to reduce those costs. First of all, get rid of the things you don’t need. Decide what are the things that you don’t need in your new home, or that you can upgrade and buy new after the move. You can sell, donate or recycle all of these things, and therefore reduce the moving costs. Furthermore, you can pack yourself and save on packing services. Try to find moving boxes for free from your friends and family, or from a local supermarket or a furniture shop.

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After moving household goods, you arrived at your new home and you are too tired to unpack and look for the things you need on your first day. That’s why you need to have a first-day survival kit ready. Pack the clothes, cosmetics and other things you will need for your first night at the new home. Order some food and enjoy! Stella Moving & Delivery specializes in the handling and care of your household goods. With experience moving antique furniture, costly artwork, and everything in between, the professional relocation of household items is where we shine.

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Our Residential Moving Coordinators can provide an in-home estimate, a verbal walk through of your items over the phone, or you can email an inventory of your home to get a quote! Whichever one you chose; we want it to be the easiest option for you. Stella Moving & Delivery works hard to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.