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Piano Movers Baldwin Hills
At Stella Moving & Delivery, we understand your piano is valuable and delicate and requires attention to detail during any move. Our trained piano movers understand that your piano is not just another piece of furniture, but that it’s a finely tuned instrument most likely with years of history attached to it. Our team of experienced piano movers can move your piano from one home to the next, or relocate to a different room within your home safely. When you hire Stella Moving & Delivery to move your piano, you can have the confidence that your prized possession will be safely transported to your desired location. From new Baby Grands to vintage family heirlooms and everything in between, the expert piano movers Stella Moving & Delivery have successfully moved hundreds of pianos in Baldwin Hills, CA and beyond!

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Safe and experienced, Insured, bonded, and licensed professionals. Complete protection procedures to prevent any scratches or damage. Thorough inspections to ensure the best possible moving solution. Protected vehicle transportation to ensure seamless re-location. When moving a piano, many different factors impact the plans in place to ensure your piano is moved safely, and without any damage to the instrument itself or to your home. Different manufacturers feature different details that require careful planning and consideration. Couple that with the logistics of moving such a large item and experts quickly move up the list as a necessity! Trying to relocate your piano yourself can be dangerous and costly, and each move we complete includes the necessary equipment to protect and move your piano the right way.

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The PRICE of moving your piano can vary depending on location, distance, and the type of piano that you need to move. If your piano is on the second floor, or in a hard to get to spot, the PRICE may go up. Typically, piano movers will PRICE you hourly, but you can also request for a flat rate quote. It’ll be important to be as detailed and honest as possible when requesting a quote from a professional piano moving service. The piano moving company may ask you about the size, weight, and type of piano. They may also ask about the distance from your front door, what floor the piano is on, and a variation of other questions to determine what to expect upon arrival. With this in mind, it’s important to consider all factors before calling a moving company for a quote.

Take comfort in our piano moving experience and attention to detail, your piano is in good hands.

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You should expect your piano movers to show up on time, and with some additional equipment. The movers should do a brief walk-through so they can devise a game plan, and prepare any hard to maneuver corners or areas. They will review the path they want to take, and clear any items that may pose a problem. Depending on the piano, they may use dollies, or they may remove the legs from the piano before moving it. Once this is complete, the movers will prepare the piano for moving by adding protective padding, and straps. Finally, they will muscle the piano out to the moving truck. Once the piano is in the truck, they will take precautions to strap and secure the piano to prevent any movement during transport. After the delivery of the piano, you can expect some additional paperwork from the piano movers.

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Stella Moving & Delivery uses specific piano moving equipment to ensure that your move is damage-free and safe! Piano moving jobs require at least 2 movers, but can sometimes take 3-5 movers to ensure a safe move. Moving your piano shouldn’t affect the tuning, but depending on temperature, humidity and room size, you may want to look into getting it re-tuned after your move. We often suggest that you get your piano tuned again after it’s been in it’s new location for about a month. Getting a piano moving quote can seem like a daunting task, but it’s rather simple to start getting PRICEs. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve collected some basic information before reaching out to moving companies.

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Measurements of your Piano. Your Address, and the address that you’re moving it to. The date you’d like to move your piano. Any stairs, hard to maneuver corners or areas of concern. Any special requests or concerns. Give us a call today to plan your move, or to re-arrange your piano within your home. Our experts will walk you through the planning process, including how to properly prepare for your moving day!