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Let our business movers do the heavy lifting so you can get back to making money. Are you planning on moving your Balboa, CA office or business? Relocating your business can be an exciting moment of growth, fresh starts, and new successes. But let’s be honest, it can also be extremely stressful.

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That is where Stella Moving & Delivery comes in. We’re the commercial moving company businesses can rely on. Our expertise and knowledge ensures that your relocation goes as seamless as possible. Our movers are professional, discreet, efficient and background checked.

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Our experienced business movers are equipped to handle a variety of commercial moves from small offices to big warehouses. More importantly, we can lighten your load and reduce some of that stress with our full-service solutions. We have years of experience partnering with local businesses, medical offices, movie studios, and more. We would love to add your business to our growing list of satisfied customers.

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There is no reason for your company to be liable in case an accident should occur. The movers chosen for our commercial moving company are highly trained, safe and professional, but always have our bases covered. Packing Services Moving and maintaining your workload simultaneously is no simple task. We can help reduce your moving efforts with our professional packing solutions. Storage Solutions Whether you are between offices or need somewhere to securely store your overflow of files, we offer full-service storage solutions for your added convenience.

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While preparing your office for relocation you may want to consider getting rid of some unused items. Old office chairs, broken printers, junk drawers, and more can be purged prior to your moving day. Donating or selling unused items at a deep discount are great ways to clear out some space while doing some good. You’ll want to remove cables from all electronics prior to moving. This will prevent damage to both the cables themselves as well as the ports and pins. Place cables in large Ziploc bags and clearly label them so you know what they belong to. It’s important to make sure that all your computers are backed up. Whether you choose to use portable hard drives, digital storage services or both you will want to be sure that your files are properly protected. Have your employees keep track of their own hard drives rather than including them in the boxes that will go on the moving truck.

It is vital to the success of your move that extra care is taken when preparing and packing your electronics? You don’t want to risk damaging the item due to improper handling as this can void the warranty. Don’t pack printers or computers in boxes and avoid stacking electronics on top of each other when possible. During any move, a checklist can be your best friend. You don’t want anything to get left behind or misplaced and you definitely don’t want to arrive at a new office with no Internet or power. Create a detailed checklist of all the important steps to take from hiring your movers and transferring important services to unpacking your last box.

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You will want to start updating your business contacts, clients and other services as soon as you know your new business address. You don’t want to risk losing business or missing important shipments because you forgot to reach out to someone. Set a reminder in advance so that you won’t forget and make sure all employees do the same thing.