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Avalon One-Piece Movers

One-piece Movers Avalon CA
One-Piece Moving Service

Stella Moving & Delivery specializes in moving one-piece items, offers standard and custom crating solutions for your extraordinary and valuable articles. Do you need to move a piece of heirloom furniture? Or deliver items to several beneficiaries of the estate distribution? Or perhaps transport antiques and collectibles to or from an auction house? We understand the requirements for preparing delicate antiques like a grandfather clock, a stone statue, a colonial desk, or a porcelain vase, with care. Our customary services will ensure your antiques will be professionally packed, and transported safely anywhere across the globe.

Stella Moving & Delivery: One-Piece Movers in Avalon

Stella Moving & Delivery One-Piece Relocation
Our company’s one-piece moving experts will coordinate you throughout the process of your valuables’ delivery, and can offer the following services:
-Standard or custom crating solutions, such as double corrugated containers and/or honeycombs boxes that are specific for packing all types of antique material (valuables, sculptures, vases, artwork and other)
-Customized cushioning, furniture pads, packing paper and block-and-brace materials that secure and protect your items
-In house assessment and estimate analysis to provide you with the most accurate quoted costs
-Additional declared value coverage protection, that is based on the owner’s declaration of the value of goods and personally suitable for the client
-Full-service pickup and delivery across Avalon, CA
-Our International antique moving experts will ensure that your valuable freight meets the necessary custom regulations. Keep in mind that the estimated cost of relocating antiques furniture or items are based on a time-definite service, deferred, ground and distance.

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Carefully customer-tailored services that are geared towards individual needs for safe packing, handling, and transporting antiques, heirlooms and fine art. If you require a more case customized domestic or destination service, white-glove service, premium or standard level of transportation to residence or business, please contact your local antiques moving company to get more information.

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Why choose Stella Moving & Delivery for one-piece moving?
Museums, art galleries, private collectors, auction houses and auctioneers rely extensively on our professional antiques moving services to securely transport their treasurable and delicate pieces safely and successfully.

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Once you decide to use our proven expertise services, an assigned, antiques moving experts will work directly with you to begin a full assessment of your product. The coordinators may go over a cost appraisal, declaration protection options, risks, storage, customs and deliveries. Your local antique moving companies can provide you with information on the environmental factors such as climate, humidity and temperature necessary for pick-up, transportation and final destination conditions. This will be the determining factors that are essential in identifying an appropriate container format and cushioning system that will be used to avoid damage during the moving process.

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Our specialty crating, antique packing and moving services are available to both personal and commercial clients across Avalon, CA. Here is a list of some of the items that we moved in the past:
Encaustic Wax
Valuable Artifacts
Museum/Art Gallery Quality Items
Glass and Ceramics
Stone and Plaster
Polychrome and Stone Sculptures
Ethnographic Materials
Paper and Books
Textiles and Fibers
Standalone Statues
High Value, One-of-a-Kind Pieces
Glass and Metal Paintings
Wooden Objects and Antique Furniture
Vases and Porcelain
China Cabinets
Art Antique
Fragile Items and Large Antique Pieces
Grandfather clocks
Requesting one-piece moving services
When it comes to moving valuable items, you may want to have a customized moving plan. With our expertise, your local moving company will provide you with an extensive step by step action plan to help you get organized. However, some of the information you better collect before contacting professional movers.
First of all, you will need to find out the dimensions of your items; this will help us to understand the size and a form needed for a crate. Next, you will need to learn your item from the inside, some of the things hollow inside, or in case it is furniture it may have some shelves. For art, you may even need to consult an artist to have an idea of what material has been used for the specific piece. Third preparation step you should consider is Insurance or Replacement Value Coverage.
By having all of the above, before requesting the one-piece moving service, you will shorten the preparation time for a plan as well as receive more precise service estimate. As soon as you approve the plan, our antique moving experts will begin preparing all necessary items for the move: crates, bubble-wrap, supplies and boxes for moving, stretch wrap and cotton moving blankets. They also will make a move plan by analyzing the surfaces and a floor plan of pickup and delivery buildings.
All our staff is going through extensive video-training to provide a top-notch service for our customer. In addition, our antique moving team know all the challenges that could occur during the move. Don’t hesitate to consult them in case you have some concerns aroused!