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Avalon Local Movers

Local Movers Avalon CA
Local Moving Services in Avalon, CA
For a free estimate of your upcoming local move please contact our Stella Moving & Delivery office by phone, use our online estimate form, or we will come to your location for an on-site estimate.

Stella Moving & Delivery: Local Movers in Avalon

Local moves are performed on an hourly basis. The per crew hourly rate includes two movers, a twenty-eight-foot box truck, furniture pads and appliance dolly. We are licensed, bonded, insured and we carry Workers’ Compensation. We don’t charge a fuel surcharge; trip fee or stair carry fee. There is a two-hour minimum charge on all moves Monday thru Friday and a four-hour minimum charge on Saturday morning start times or all day on Sunday. The time starts when the truck leaves our home base and ends when it returns, so there is a drive time.

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Local Moves within the Avalon, CA , but outside the local radius, are performed on the rate structure. Call for more details.
Ask us about our moving quilt rental program for in storage use.
Don’t forget to check out our moving tips and moving links pages for information that will help your move go smoothly.
Are Your Movers Experienced?
Our Crews are experienced professional movers with excellent work ethics, speed, and stamina and are full-time employees.
Offer Free Estimates?
We offer free moving estimates available online, on-site, or by phone.
Can You Have Multiple Stops and Pickups?
Multiple stops, pick-ups and deliveries are available to get your possessions where you want them and when you want them.
Will you move pieces around within my home?
Yes, we can move items internally within your home to another floor or to the next room.
Have Any Questions
Don’t Hesitate to contact us and get the answer

Best Local Movers in Avalon, California

Our Team that do the work are highly skilled in the moving profession. They also have excellent work ethics, speed, stamina, and most of all—customer skills! These drivers and loaders receive some of the highest movers pay for their skills in the Avalon, CA. You get what you pay for! High expectations, accountability, ethics, a personal approach, and a clear corporate culture help preserve the growth. We chiefly owe our company’s growth to referrals from past customers and the business of repeat customers.

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Stella Moving & Delivery
The following moving tips are intended to help make the moving experience easier for the person or organization that is relocating. Careful planning of a move can help reduce the stress and reduce cost of relocating to a new home, apartment, office, storage, or retirement center. The scope of a move may include moving up to a larger home or downsizing to a smaller home. Downsizing is one of the hardest moves to make because it requires one to divest themselves of treasured possessions. If the downsizing is not properly handled on the move-out phase, the move-in portion can reach gridlock for space and make for a disorganized, costly, time consuming move. The peak moving and relocation season is during the months of May through August each year. Moving capacity in the industry is tightest at this time and requires booking sooner to get desired move dates.

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Establish where you are moving from and to:
Know both addresses.
Determine if storage requirements are involved on either end.
Note the potential location of the moving truck for loading, unloading and unload time restrictions.
Are there stairs or tight turns at the loading and unloading point?
How many floor levels in each location? Elevators?
Travel distances for the loaders from the home to the van.
Contact potential reputable moving companies that will meet your needs.
Establish method of payment for move day (Cash, Certified check, money order, local check (on local move only) or other methods of payment such as credit card).
Check references to get recommendations on how a mover performed. Remember that the mover has everything you own in his truck. Some movers may not carry any or all of the proper insurances. You should check with the mover during the initial call to verify that they really do have all the insurances. “We are properly insured” doesn’t get it for insurance verification.