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Office Relocation Services for Arcadia, CA Businesses
Moving from an old office to a new office can be rough … especially when you’re carrying your desk! Stella Moving & Delivery of Arcadia, CA makes business relocation simple.

Stella Moving & Delivery: Business Movers in Arcadia

We specialize in business, retail and commercial relocations. During the office moving process, we will break down your current office, safely pack all items, move everything and then re-install it at the new location – all to your specifications. On your first day at the new location, the only thing that will feel different is your commute!

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We provide free estimates for all office relocations, no matter the size of the move. These free estimates provide you with a written outline of what’s involved in a moving project, the time frame of the move and all of the associated costs of the move, furniture assembly, storage and other services that may be required. Someone from our team will work with you to explain everything that is involved with your move and will be your ‘point of contact’ throughout the move.

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In Arcadia, CA, we find that most companies and other organizations don’t move their offices very often. That means that when they do, they need help from professional office movers to ensure that the move or relocation goes smoothly and efficiently. There is a lot to consider during a move. First, there is generally more to move than first thought. From office furniture to computer equipment to breakroom items to even the artwork on the walls, everything must be broken down, packed, secured, moved…and then reinstalled at the new location.

Regardless of when your moving project is scheduled, our moving and installation teams fully understand that getting you moved quickly is job # 1.

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Workstations and cubicles, which can often be large, heavy and difficult to disassemble and then reassemble, can add complexity to the move. Fortunately in this case, we provide teams of professional office furniture installers who are experienced with all major brands of office furniture. They know how to quickly (and correctly) breakdown and put back together desks, workstations, cubes and more. In fact, our guys are the ones that many Arcadia, CA office furniture companies use to receive, deliver and install new office furniture in the first place.

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We’re ready to get started as soon as you are! Stella Moving & Delivery works every day of the week. Many of our clients require moving projects to be completed over the weekend so that there is little downtime and interuption during the workweek.