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Business Movers Anaheim CA
Business Relocation Service Anaheim, CA
Are you planning to relocate your business? Then Stella Moving & Delivery should be your choice. Office relocation is a complex task which requires a lot of planning, care, and experience to execute it properly. We are professional business movers and have years of experience in relocating businesses and commercial offices. Whether you are moving interstate or overseas, we will facilitate you in relocating the easiest and safest way, without causing any damages to your assets.

Stella Moving & Delivery: Business Movers in Anaheim

Our expert team will help you in making pre-move decisions, moving, storage, and all the other aspects of the project. We deal with both small and large corporate relocations. We will provide you the best experience you have ever seen, irrespective of the size of your office.

Once you hire us, you can just sit back and watch us pros relocate your entire office. We offer hassle-free office relocation services and are one of the most reputed companies around. Here is what we offer.

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Planning and Pre-move Arrangements
Office relocation Services Anaheim, CA
Planning is the most important aspect of moving. One of the secrets of our success is the ‘right planning’ we do beforehand. We understand your needs and plan accordingly. You should always make a list about what exactly you want in your new office. We provide a checklist before moving, which will save you both money and time ensuring your peace of mind. We offer air tickets, short-term accommodation, free housing, and area tour prior to the actual move. Our expert team will also help you through all the necessary paperwork. We ensure that you get the right information on area, building rules, regulations, and access, so that the process is completely smooth.

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You must ensure that you inform all your employees about the date. Their full cooperation will be the key to your success. You can assign one person from each department, whom we can contact for any queries related to shifting anything particular to their department.
Don’t forget to inform the agencies responsible for electricity, gas, telephone, cable, newspaper, post office, gym, and clubs to discontinue with them. Also, don’t forget to inform the insurance company about your move. All this will ensure smooth re-running of your business. Call us at (619) 319-1402

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We employ only the latest technology to help our clients through the move. We ensure that all your documents and machinery reach the new office exactly the same way they left the old one. We use air padding techniques to pack the delicate items to ensure no damage is inflicted on them. We have custom designed trolleys for carrying computers for secure transfer. We pack all computers and related accessories in bags and wrap them properly to ensure secure transit. We provide crate deliveries for relocating your important equipment as well. Specialized crates are available with us for relocating documents and certain high value office equipment. Just give us a call and we will provide you the crates in exact shape, size, and numbers that you want. We will track crate movements and provide you the details seamlessly during the process. Our crate management team will help you in packing, labeling, and other related tasks too.
We ensure the highest level of security for your documents. We stack all the documents on top of one other and seal them tight. We have special purpose trolleys for moving large amounts of papers and documents in a hassle-free and safe way, instead of the traditional taping.
We also help our clients with new stationery when they move to their new office, if required. Of course, all your letter heads should now bear the new address. Therefore, we provide shredding services to dispose of the now-useless documents from your previous office. In addition to security, shredding ensures that you don’t have to accumulate unnecessary old things in the new office.
We have special services for relocating valuable assets. This will ensure minimum downtime for your business. You don’t have to go for expensive reinstallation of any software. Our technicians will help you reinstall all the necessary software for your business in no time, so that your employees can get back to work as soon as possible.

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Proper wiring is essential for the safety of everyone working at the office. If you were facing any issues with the cables of your computers and other systems, then this is the right time to address them. We deal with desk-cable and below-floor cable management, in addition to general cable-related issues. We can also install a wireless network in your working area, so that you and your employees can begin working. Our experienced engineers can provide you with full detailing of the existing cable networks right away. You can plan everything according to your budget and we will fix any existing issues or install fresh cables within your budget.
We also provide large and secure storage facilities for your goods. You will always have some computers or other machines which won’t fit in the new office in the beginning. We will store these things in our spacious storage houses as long as you want us to, in a very secure manner. Once you are ready to accommodate your things, we will send them to your new office. Our technological advanced storehouses protect, both your documents and machinery from weather, dust, theft, and tampering.
The first thing you will need to do at your new office is setting up the furniture and equipment in the right place. You didn’t think we would let you sweat it all out by yourself, did you! Our staff will help you set up the furniture and equipment, which means one (huge) less thing to worry about.
Well-Managed Services
Complete customer satisfaction is our motto. To achieve this, we ensure that you don’t face any problem while moving. We appoint a highly experienced manager to each client. Our project manager will be on site during the entire procedure. As part of our organizational policy, we always work in close association with construction companies and other providers. Our project manager will explain to you the work schedule, health and safety requirements, method statements, and standards. You can contact our business manager at any time and we will provide a solution for all your needs.
You can talk freely with our team at any point during the entire process. Whether it is about monetary issues, packing or transportation issues, our team will be happy to help you in any way they can. We will offer you the best options for your budget. Business relocation is a big step and doesn’t happen quite often in one’s life. So, don’t underestimate the problems that come with it. We have a solution for all your queries. Once our work is done, we don’t forget our clients. We keep in contact with you and if you face any problem in the near future, we are ready to help you.
If you are in a business, which needs to be constantly relocated, then you are in good hands.
So, if you are planning for business relocation, then our business relocation management is your best choice. Our meticulous, courteous, and trained team ensures a great experience. We are the most trusted name in the business today. Just give us a call and we will be happy to serve you.