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Our company provides professional B2B moving and storage services to move your business and/or employees to a new location. We are experts at handling full-service moves when you need to relocate your business or employees. Call us in advance and we will go to your business or employee’s home to provide an accurate estimate of what it will cost to move your business or a particular family’s belongings to another town or another city. We will take you, your employee and their family through the moving process seamlessly and professionally.

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If you choose Releif Moving Company LLC as your B2B moving company, you can rest assured that we will take care of all the details so that you can focus on the more important issues of your business.

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Moving can be a stressful and unsettling time or a pleasant experience if the move is handled by experts who care about their clients’ well being. When doing an out of town move, we strongly advise that we do the packing for insurance reasons and also because we can make sure that everything arrives at the new home in perfect working condition.

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We use the right-sized boxes for every type of item. For example, books require smaller boxes and should be packed cover to cover and always packed with books of the same size. Clothes are packed very tightly in large wardrobe boxes so that they come out of your closet and go into the next closet in the same order without having to be ironed or dry-cleaned after the move. When we move your employees and their families, you can look forward to them being happy and productive at their destination, instead of frazzled and worried about their relocation logistics.

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Moving a business or an office from one location can get complicated. Two of the biggest factors in choosing a moving company for your business move are professionalism and reliability. At Stella Moving & Delivery, these two qualities are the cornerstone of our business, as well as our reputation. We are proud to say that most of our current customers, are referrals from our past customers. We provide ongoing training for our packers and movers, so you can rest-have assured you have the best of the best in the business to handle all of your company’s items.

Depending on your setup you may have expensive equipment and supplies that will need to be packed and boxed carefully. When we meet with you for a consult we will be able to give you an idea of how this will be done giving you the peace of mind in knowing your items will be treated with care.

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We are members of your town, your community, and live and work right here in the same city as you. We are a community oriented, family business that treats each customer like one of our own. We want you to have the best moving experience possible, and we want you to tell your neighbors all about it when you do!